7. N’s Lasagna Cupcakes

N is one of the most organized and thought-out people I know. When she and I run into each other, it’s usually at a cool lecture or movie screening, because she has a lot of similar interests. We end up talking about how to save time and how to make good study habits, and I love that economy of thought: I leave every interaction with her aspiring to new levels of impact and usefulness.

So it is no surprise that her contribution to the potluck would be so practical: parties are best handled with finger food, and lasagna is delicious, so put them together and you get N’s lasagna cupcakes (technically, they belong to food blogger but N introduced me to them; long live the giant chain of recipe borrowers!). Using wonton wrappers to encapsulate small servings of lasagna ingredients, N made stacks of these little delights, with their slightly crispy shells and their savory sausage centers. I squirreled away two of them and found that after a couple of days in the fridge the wonton wrapper took on an even more noodle-like consistency, but still didn’t fall apart. It’s the almost-not-messy way to eat pasta! I say almost because I am an overachiever in the messiness department.

N does a lot of her own blogging and spearheads a cookbook club, so I expect to be taking cooking advice (and cooking photography advice!) from her for a long time yet.

Here is the recipe! http://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/lasagna-cupcakes/973c5603-c1e4-4790-9e6a-aef378332ef2


2 comments on “7. N’s Lasagna Cupcakes

  1. Will you post this recipe? I would love to make these next time we have people over.


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