9. C’s Banana-Chocolate Bread Pudding

C and I spent the most time together last year when she drove me to the airport; I wished, both then and now, that fortune had given us more time together because she’s one of the funniest people I know. She has a realistic but optimistic view of academics as a career, which I find so refreshing; she gets involved and lends a hand, and just generally seems to pull her weight all over the department. It made me happy that she could make it to the potluck.

When I saw her bread pudding, despite my interest in all the other foods at the dinner party, I wanted to just bury my face in it: the appeal of sticky, sweet, fruity bread was irresistible. I hoped it hadn’t been too difficult to make, since bread pudding is one of many things I’ve never made.

C cited that many recipes inform her decisions, but that this one was her most inspirational: http://tastingspoons.com/archives/6004

She also pointed out that stale bread is far from necessary; she buys hers fresh and loves the way it turns out. C’s attitude, excellently breezy for this new cook, reflects a good point: “It’s got chocolate chips in it – what could go wrong?”


I’ll also add that it’s beautiful: shiny and textured, dappled and aromatic.  Will be introducing this recipe to my tummy again soon.breadpuddingyes


3 comments on “9. C’s Banana-Chocolate Bread Pudding

  1. sporkchop! says:

    This sounds so delicious!!


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