19. S’s Creamy Chipotle Sweet Potatoes

IMG_3826S and I have seen each other through a lot: in particular, we’ve each moved upwards of 5 times since we met in high school, and somehow, calling each other and chatting for hours is still our method of coping with new things. When Husband hears me say “Hi S” on the phone, he knows to go do other things because it’s going to be a while.

S’s recipe comes from a friend she visited on a big moving-to-a-new-state road trip last year, and she said that even though she doesn’t have a physical copy of the recipe, she would email it my way.

S’s sweet potato recipe came at a great time for me – I had a big carton of coconut milk in the fridge and a pack of sweet potatoes that needed to be cut up and used in some way. The kick of spices added to this dish made up for the fact that, because I was trying to get the sauce to congeal up a bit, I left them in the oven for longer than recommended. I would definitely add a step of mixing the potatoes around and make sure that there isn’t enough cream (or in my case, coconut milk) that they basically stew instead of roasting. The result was delicious but not at all firm/crunchy the way sweet potatoes can sometimes brown up.

It’s been almost like a spicy breakfast porridge for me this week, which has been full of cold days and quiet rising early on the weekends. Having steaming sweet potatoes with the peppery kick to them gets me energized for days of reading and writing and crocheting and walking, which are the things I like best on the weekend… other than eating. 🙂 I called S right after making this dish, and got filled in on her life, job, new friends, etc. This is part of why the blog was so important for me and why it has lasted these first two months: when I’m making the dishes that people I love gave me, I seem to really make the effort to stay in touch.

That being said, I am wondering: what does modern long-distance friendship look like? A lot has been said for how Modern Romance (yes, the Aziz Ansari book is one example) is happening, but I wonder: do you play Words with Friends with your grandma? Do you call your friend and talk for an hour while absentmindedly cleaning house? Are you a texter or a messager or what?

At the same time, I’m finally making some friends here in my new town! I don’t have recipes from them yet (haven’t shared the blog with them… eee!) but I’m hoping to get them in on this too. One new friend, B, is big into urban gardening and I am a total newbie to gardening in all forms, so I’m hoping that more of my food can be local and actually from gardens I participate in!

Enough updates for now. Here’s S’s Sweet potatoes:
– Preheat oven to 350 (or maybe 375?).
– Cut up a bunch of sweet potatoes.
– Put them in a pan (that has edges) with a bit of oil and salt and pepper.
– In a pot, mix together cream, chipotle peppers (from a jar, or in dried/seasoning form), and a hefty amount of Adobo. Heat on medium; don’t let the cream boil.
– Pour cream mixture over sweet potatoes (they should be covered but not drowning). Bake at 350 deg. F for about 40 minutes or until potatoes are cooked.

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