21. E’s White Chicken Chili


I was hosting a dinner on a weeknight, so this was already going to be hard to make work, so I was very grateful that E’s white chicken chili recipe was one of those magical crock-pot ones. I was a little skeptical, as usual, since all of the flavoring came from green chilis and cumin, but I trust E and hoped that it would work well.

As usual, my friends do not disappoint with their favorite recipes, so when I came home from work and knew I needed to whip up cornbread before my guests arrived, I was grateful to see that the pile of food I’d started with had turned into an actual chicken chili, chunky and delicious looking. The cheese had melted and coated everything, which gave the final product a slightly more substantial, non-brothy feel. The cumin and chilis had turned out to be the perfect level of spice for creating a nice warmth but not making the whole thing too intensely spicy.

We got a lot of compliments on the chili from our grateful friends who were happy to have food all ready when they arrived. Luckily the cornbread, which I’ll write about soon, turned out well too, which always helps.

E, who provided this recipe, is also an effortlessly hospitable person – letting me come into his house where he lives with my friend B and their corgi and always excited to show off his neighborhood. I was so glad they came to the wedding, and provided two recipes now (check out spaghetti squash surprise, which was also good!)

As usual with crock-pot recipes, I have very little suggestion to offer: we had sour cream and avocado chunks available with it, but mostly we just made it, served it, and ate it. Do that, especially on your busy days when lots of folks are coming over. https://www.rachelcruze.com/topics/everything-else/my-favorite-fall-recipe did a great job.


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