29. B’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

I met Husband’s friend B on a camping trip – he was a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, sarcastic and funny, and very athletic. We didn’t have much in common, life-experience-wise, but we definitely bonded around dumb jokes and ridiculous humor. Thus, I was not particularly surprised to find this in the mail along with the other RSVPs last year:


In honor of B’s goofy spirit, I decided to make this recipe, despite the HUGE AMOUNT OF EFFORT REQUIRED. He skipped a few of the steps in his description, so I will let you know what went into this meal.

FIND A BREAD RECIPE AND MAKE BREAD: I had run out of yeast recently, so I found this recipe for Whole wheat oatmeal honey bread, which I whipped up in not too long. Good thing it took about an hour from start to finish, because I needed food!


FIND AND PULVERIZE PEANUTS: I don’t have an electric chopper, so I used my hand chopper to crush peanuts down almost to the point of them coalescing into peanut butter. I gave up on this because 1. my hand was tired and 2. I knew he was going to make me mix it with the jam, and who was gonna be able to tell?


FIND STRAWBERRIES AND MAKE INTO JAM: I didn’t use a recipe for this; I poured frozen strawberries (who can find fresh strawberries this early? No one, I tell you. I don’t have a greenhouse!) and water and sugar into a saucepan and boiled it for ages. When it was thickening, I poured it all into a mason jar and sealed it up to make sure it wouldn’t get too scary inside.


At breakfast, after a whole evening’s work, I assembled the ingredients: bread, toasted, and a mixture of crushed peanuts/almost peanut butter and strawberry jam.


I have to say, this was delicious, but perhaps the most work for the littlest pay off of all my recipes so far. B really ought to have sent me something easier, especially since I didn’t even grow the grain, peanuts, or strawberries myself.

Happy April Fools, everyone!


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