Food and Stories and Expansion!

I just got back from a weekend of no cooking: it was a whirlwind road trip where I ate more junk food than I have in a while mostly due to the fact that we spent a lot of the time in the car. There were good food moments though: some truly tender green beans at Red Lobster with my family, succulent Easter ham and scalloped potatoes with Husband’s family, and eggs whipped up by my mother in law to a perfect level of fluffy. While I am not the biggest fan of food-on-the-go, which was necessary at points during the many legs of the trip, it sure did make me miss cooking. I’m excited to whip things up this week!

I still have quite a lot of recipes to work on, and two exciting guest-blogger recipes to try and link back to, but the fact remains: at 3 recipes a week, I’ve really run through a lot of recipes, and they aren’t coming in fast enough to write about them alone!

I thought the challenge would be enough and I’d finish it out early in the year, but I really like writing about food! I’ve decided I want to keep going, and to keep going in a way that continues to honor telling the stories of foods while also connecting with the people around me. This will include things like:

– nostalgic posts about foods I remember and will try to create (along with the memory that made them so nostalgic in the first place!)
– guest-blogger posts about their relationships to the most important recipes in their lives.
– posts about relationships to a particular ingredient and the ways they’ve learned to like said ingredient (extra points if I can get said ingredient in season locally!)
– book reviews of books that I’ve been reading about food and cooking – these aren’t sponsored in any way, just the food memoir and kitchen writing that I found at the library and find compelling enough to discuss.

I cannot promise 3 posts a week, but I really enjoy the challenge of trying to do that many, so I’ll keep giving it a shot! For now, have a picture of a beautiful cucumber-tomato-and-quinoa salad I made with A a few weekends ago when she visited. I am tempted to keep some around for all the times that I feel “meh” about greens but want something nutritious to eat!


2 comments on “Food and Stories and Expansion!

  1. nancyruth says:

    Inspiration will come and I like your ideas for continued blogs. I always found the best cookbooks to be those that have the stories alongside the recipes. Good looking salad, too.


  2. Kina@TBD says:

    Looks yummy! Thanks for stopping by my place!


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