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liebster-awardSo, it turns out that there is a cool blog-chain thing called the Liebster Award, which both All the Pasta and Foodeez Junction have nominated me for. It lets you call out blogs you draw inspiration from, answer some questions about yourself as an author, and send folks on to more great food blogs. I’ve read it is for only blogs with less than 1000 followers, which seems within the spirit of The Recipe Project – I’m trying to connect one-to-one, bring stories from one cook about their connection to a food. So, I hope that you’ll like my curated list of blogs that combine storytelling and food!

  1. I’ve Got Cake

2. A Guy Cooks Abroad

3. My Cooking Adventures

4. Unwed Housewife

5. Stir the Toast

6. Fabulous Fare Sisters

7. Diary of a Graduate

8. A Solitary Feast

9. Finding Mis en Place

10. My Kitchen, My Thoughts

I am supposed to answer 10 questions and ask 10, but I’m going to answer my favorite 5 questions from All the Pasta and my favorite 5 from Foodeez Junction so that I don’t bore you all with a mega-post.

  1. What’s your favourite post you’ve made so far? (Shameless self promotion!)

I think I still like my first post, about biscuits, best. I’ve been working on biscuits off and on since then, incorporating new people’s advice, and I’m excited to write a new post with new biscuit updates. 🙂

2. How do you find inspiration for each of your posts? (finding recipes to try, things to talk about)

I started out with the recipe haul I got from my wedding (see What is this? For more info) but am trying to start amassing recipes from my favorite food writers, fellow bloggers, and new friends so that I can keep up the pace and really discover some treasures.

3. Would you still blog if you knew no one would read it?

Weirdly, yes (not to mention barely anyone does at this point, ha!). This project started as my attempt to catalog recipes as a new partner in a marriage, as an excuse to write about my friends and family (each post is a bit like a letter to the person who gave me the recipe), and as a way to practice writing while working a job that doesn’t have me writing all that much.

4. What’s the best mistake you’ve ever made?

Moving to Spain; I probably would have chickened out if I had really known how lonely it is to live in a new country by myself! However, the two years I spent there ended up being so enriching for every year of my life after, be it the food, friends, or work I did, that I’m glad I miscalculated. By the time I was there, it was too expensive to give up, and I am a better person for it.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to still be writing this blog, albeit with different and wider-ranging recipes; I hope to be involved in local non-profits, still working my wonderful job, a better gardener, living either in the same creaky old house I’m in now or in a big city apartment somewhere… I have a lot of daydreams. Fewer concrete realities.

6. What do like most while blogging?

I really enjoy the time when I’ve finished a post and I get to share it with the person or people who I mention in it. I started the blog as a way to connect with old and new friends, and so having a good reason to bring an old friend back into my life (like, I wrote about you!) has been really rewarding.

7.Who and what keeps you motivated?

I think my husband, probably, because he’s the person who most immediately needs to be fed, and he also is constantly challenging me to stick with my project ideas (rather than picking them up and dropping them all the time, which is my general style). I am motivated a bit by the idea of making all my kitchen successes and failures “count” by sharing them with others.

8. Which blogger do you find more inspiring?

Lately I’ve been revelling in Orangette – it’s just so inspiring to have stuck with a project for that long! It makes us three-months-in newbies feel like we’re actually starting on a long-term journey.

9. What is your favourite holiday destination?

Oh goodness. The beach? Is that good enough? Somewhere I can swim that’s warm.

10. What is your biggest accomplishment?

That’s another good one. Getting a job in the past year feels huge to me, but planning and executing a wedding last year (without planning any executions, lol) is probably another. I’m not the world’s best event planner.

and for good measure…

11. What’s your favourite food?

Foods that combine goat cheese, avocado, bacon, and pecans/walnuts (any two or three of those, honestly) – Probably some kind of toast with those things in some variation.

Here are my questions for you to blog about and link back to me:

  1. What cooking epiphany is most memory for you?

2. Who do you associate your favorite food with most?

3. Where would you love to live (specifically to try the food, perhaps?)?

4. How did you decide to get into blogging?

5. What kind of food do you like cooking the least?

6. What is your most essential kitchen gadget?

7. When did you know you liked food more than the average person?

8. Do you blog because you love writing, or because you love the subject matter, or both? Why?

9. What do you think is going to be the “next big thing” in food?

10. What food related thing do you want to learn more about?

So, I hope you all consider nominating your own folks for this award! I appreciate the inspiration that your blogs give me and the foods. If you want me to try your favorite recipe-with-a-story, comment below and I’ll try my best!




5 comments on “Liebster Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nod, that’s so sweet of you!!
    I totally agree with your answer in #3, I would do the same thing!
    Congratulation on the Liebster babe, keep doing the damn thing!!
    ❤ ❤


  2. Congratulations on being nominated!

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  3. Congratulations! Well deserved. Totally on the same page with you for answer #7. I named my blog after my Husband Bello, he is the one I feed everyday and the one that feeds me joy in return.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on the Liebster!
    Thank you for the follow!


  5. Congartualtions!


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