New Kitchen Gear: GoSun!

I am so excited to reveal my birthday present: the GoSun stove! Well, it was more of a joint decision, since the Sport edition is beautiful but not particularly cheap, but it arrived around my birthday, so that’s something! Check them out at – I didn’t receive anything for this endorsement, and I don’t even know how well the stove works yet, I’m just very excited.

This crazy looking device focuses light from the sun (like the way a magnifying glass does) into a vacuum tube, which allows all that regular summer day heat to become heat that can cook food! I’m going to be making a lot of summer dishes in this thing, both because Husband handles the grill, and because I don’t want to heat my oven up just to have to cool my house back down with air conditioning.

I remember in the summers my Mom would spend the late afternoon grilling zucchini with parmesan and making barbecue chicken. It would mean trips out onto our back deck from the kitchen, but the view of the leafy backyard was more of a bonus than a chore – while I always was intimidated by the flame-ups and the crusty carbon that had to be scraped from the grill, I loved that we could make a whole meal out there, and that it often had the delicious, flame-kissed flavor that no amount of boiling or baking can get.

So this is my plan: I am going to use the GoSun Community Kitchen as a source for recipes and stories, and add my own as I give myself a lesson in solar grilling. Most likely I’ll have some foibles – solar cooking, as you might guess, takes longer than other kinds of cooking – but I am excited to really use an off-the-grid technology and make it a part of my habits, replacing some electric stove use.

Anyone have a favorite grilled dish that I might be able to replicate? Grilling tips and tricks are always appreciated. đŸ™‚

4 comments on “New Kitchen Gear: GoSun!

  1. Wow. I’ve never seen them before. Looks amazing. It will be interesting to see how well it works.


  2. So cool…can’t wait to see your posts on how well it works


  3. Jessica Adam says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to hear how it works! Looks pretty neat!


  4. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. Anything solar powered is amazing to me, this would be good for camping.


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