46. Summer Squash with onions and tomatoes

So, the GoSun, that magical looking tube with the shiny sides, makes food. I have proof now.


To ease into all the hubbub, I cut up a yellow squash, green onions, and cherry tomatoes, enough to fill the long tube but not over fill it. I spritzed it with veggie oil spray and put a generous shaking of italian seasoning on it, and in the tube it went!

I’m quite pleased with the result, which was more like steamed than roasted after a little over an hour in medium sunshine. Next time, I will angle the dish toward the sun better, as well as add a bit more on the salt-and-pepper side of spices, but overall, a rousing success.

In other news, my friend N is thinking of holding a meatball competition, to have us all make and try different kinds of meatballs (meatless and meat-ful)… any favorite meatball recipes? I have one from a previous commenter but more are always welcome, the weirder the better!


3 comments on “46. Summer Squash with onions and tomatoes

  1. 😱 I want a GoSun too! Oh and my dad’s homemade meatballs are my favourite.. But the bad news is that he keeps some ingredients a secret and I don’t even know them, haha! Maybe I’ll have a sneaky peek next time when he makes them again


  2. […] 46. Summer Squash with onions and tomatoes […]


  3. ❤️ Your blog! Hope you will participate and check out the following link:


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