GoSun Fun: Kettle Corn Popcorn?

So, I enjoy the combo of sweet and salty, and kettle corn does that quite admirably. When I looked on the GoSun Community Kitchen page, I saw that popcorn is doable in the GoSun, despite also coming with a caution: you need to put a small amount of kernels in there to leave space for the expansion. I could handle that, so I whipped up some butter, cinnamon, and sugar and coated the kernels in it, and slid the tube into the GoSun on a blazing summer day.

The results were… well, not spectacular. The sugar burnt before the kernels popped, but I have to tell you: kneeling beside your solar cooker while you hear corn pop inside the tube is pretty amazing. I am once again stunned that someone figured out how to make such an elegant, simple no-fuel cooker.

However. Don’t put the sugar on the corn before you make it, okay? I stopped the process early (as you can see by all the unpopped kernels) but it was working, just burning pretty bad; I knew I had a hard job of cleaning the tube even with the level of char I’d already gotten.

So I call this a mistake, but it does reveal a pretty amazing capacity inside that vacuum tube! Will be back to regular, stove-top foods for a little while though; back to the GoSun later in the week. 🙂

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