The Lobster’s Journey

I arrived in Maine two days ago. Upon arriving, Husband and I settled in for a lobster roll. This unassuming sandwich relies almost exclusively on the flavor of the Maine coast specialty, sweet and tender lobster meat. We ate them quietly while sitting at bar stools along a dock looking out at the boats.

Lobsters come a long way to get into my stomach, and I don’t even know the extent to it. I’ve been reading a bit of The Lobster Coast and just the view I’ve gotten so far is crazy – setting traps, checking traps by hand, taking the lobsters to market, cooking them up and making the lobster rolls. That doesn’t even include the long bottom-dwelling lives of these weird bugs. What stuns me, though, is that it is a supremely local, mostly low-tech industry. Certainly, some electronics are helping lobstermen and lobsterwomen out, but most likely, these lobsters are from somewhere less than 100 miles of where we’re staying in Maine.

I think the combination of the specialness of lobster (I’ve never eaten it, that I can recall, outside of beach towns, and even then, it’s just a bit of lobster meat in bisque) and the intense beauty of the coast here that makes me so impressed by the lines of this particular food system. Sure, lobster is expensive, but it’s also got such a story behind it; between lobsters and tourism, it seems like the Maine economy has taken a few hits over the last two centuries, and those two things always seem to shore it up.

I have also seen some other aquatic life that I don’t (and never would) eat: whales. The baby and momma humpbacks pictured were less than 100 feet from our boat, and it was pretty magical to float alongside as they surfaced, blew air out of their blowholes, and flipped their flukes at us. Maine is magical for many reasons that have nothing to do with food, and I’m trying to eat all the magic up.

8 comments on “The Lobster’s Journey

  1. Tilly Frueh says:

    Maine was on my bucket list of places to visit and Hubby took me there last summer. It was wonderful and definitely someplace we’d like to visit again.


  2. I’ve been wanting to visit Maine for a while, with specific interest in Portland. I can’t wait to get myself up to Maine for a visit! I don’t know what I’d do once there, but like you said, I’ll just “eat up the magic.”


  3. A_Boleyn says:

    I’ve always wanted to see live whales but have never had the chance. Maybe one day. 🙂

    Lobster is one of my favourite crustaceans … to eat.


  4. Lobster is soooooooo good! We were just in Massachusetts and had lobster rolls. I now know that you can get them two ways!


  5. jerzeetomato says:

    Another great book about lobbies is “The Secret Life of Lobsters” by Trevor Corson. Great info on the delectable crustacean.


  6. Quite partial to Lobster linguini with chilli myself, but a lobster roll sounds pretty good.


    • I think I am converted to the idea of a little bit of lobster and a lot of something like pasta; the lobster rolls are almost too rich! It makes me very appreciative for little bits of lobster in bisque and pastas.


  7. cassieb13 says:

    I lived in Maine for about 8 months and I didn’t understand the hype after eating one with butter…..until I ate a lobster roll! I definitely miss lobster rolls lol.


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