Cooking, sans appetite

People don’t talk about the feeling of being sick, the in-between from when you fall ill to when you weakly look at people and say “I’ve been feeling under the weather,  but I’m getting better.”

Today is not that day for me. I’m not feeling better, and since the reason I feel this way is because of medicine I’m taking, it’ll be another two days before I feel better, most likely. Part of my fatigue today is also a persistent and total lack of appetite; I shove down enough food to take my medicine, but otherwise, I have no interest. This is funny, because one of the only things that seems to be able to get me out of bed is still… cooking.

Granted, it was two very simple things that I made yesterday: a crock pot stew with a pile of potatoes from the garden in it, and a tray full of yeast rolls. They both turned out perfectly, to my great surprise, but when I personally tried to eat them, I just had no interest at all. I did some math this afternoon that made me happy though: I made 12 rolls, and ate one of them. There are 7 left now. That means that 4 of these perfect fluffy yeast rolls found their way into Husband’s belly, or lunchbox for work today.

Being sick makes me feel like I cannot accomplish anything, but one of the cool things about being married is that every interaction is a way to do something good in the world – when I take a deep breath instead of lashing out about pain, when I smile and laugh at the goofy jokes Husband tells just to make me smile, and yes, when I use the small bursts of energy I’ve got to make an easy meal with some surprisingly delightful bread; all of these are ways that I’m still having an impact on the world. Single people do the same thing in their interactions, but it has never been more apparent to me than it is now, in this first year of marriage. I’m trying to be grateful for little blessings even as I look forward to being able to dive head-first into my daily tasks again soon.


21 comments on “Cooking, sans appetite

  1. kjennings952 says:

    Feel better! The potatoes and feeling under the weather remind me of my Grandma’s Mashed Potatoes, which are perfect in every way, and could always get me to eat 🙂


  2. The Mouse says:

    Get well soon. Sending healing thoughts your way.


  3. 😦 Feel better


  4. aiswearby says:

    Hope the coming days have you feeling better. I think there’s only maybe one or two times in my life where illness curbed my usual appetite (I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not…) but I empathize. And those yeasty rolls look so fluffy! What kind of flour (and yeast) did you use?


  5. Hope you’re well sooner rather than later. Will you please share your rolls recipe, looks yummy


  6. karen says:

    They look delicious. I’m just out of hospital and awaiting another operation, so have no appetite either. Funnily enough, of all the jobs that need doing in the house and garden, today I chose to make bread. It made me feel better. As if I’m getting back to my old self. I’m now trying to ignore all the housework that needs doing and weeds in the garden. I hope you feel better soon. All the best -Karen


  7. A_Boleyn says:

    Being sick sucks whether it’s during the summer heat or the winter cold. At least in winter, you can curl up with a cup of something hot under a blanky. In the summer you just sweat and feel miserable. That you cooked for hubby and you is a real achievement. Hope you’re all recovered y now.


  8. I’m sorry to hear that you are ill.
    Please do get well soon.


  9. patsquared2 says:

    What beautiful thoughts on bringing smiles and laughter despite illness. And congratulations on your wonderful marriage. My husband and I celebrate 32 years on August 4th. We have struggled through some terrible illnesses for my husband and still I know of no one I would rather be with than him. I’ve written a few things about marriage that you might like: – this was written in response to a friend’s question about what he called the magic in our marriage.

    Feel better sweet girl.


  10. Eatnbmerry says:

    I hope you feel better soon.


  11. todgermanica says:

    A stew is very healing. Consider making soup stock with about any bones (I keep them frozen) and start your stew with that. Put in your slow cooker bones, vegetables-even stale ones, but no salt.

    Cook on low for 10-24 hrs. Strain into pot in your sink surrounded by ice and refrigerate soon. I freeze mine in 1/2 pint jars for up to 3 months. No need to scrape the fat off, if you started with good bones that fat is just what you need.

    Bone broth has glycine, essential fatty acids and protein, all the things most people lack and can’t get enough of. And the taste boosts the flavor of whatever you cook. Drink it straight for a tonic.

    A good marriage can sure help ease the pain. Sounds like you got lucky. Hope you feel better.


  12. I am very interested in your post!


  13. Looks so delicious! Thanks for your sharing about that.


  14. banksdada says:

    Hey Storytellingcook. thanks for the follow. i feel like a superstar! How can i follow back as i am totally a green back in this things. BY the way the stuff up there looks yummy. I would have loved to eat it hot.. cheers and well done on your blog. good stuff


  15. Angie says:

    Just re-read this and I sure know the feeling about cooking even tho you have no appetite and are too sick to eat it anyway. That’s the story of my life lately, but the upside for me is that I have friends in the building who don’t cook, some of them don’t even have enough food for the month, so I can always count on them to come in and finish it off for me. Just don’t know how to cook for one, and it’s a shame to dirty up everything in the kitchen the way I do and not eat the results.
    BTW. thanks for following me. I also would love the recipe for the rolls. They would taste good with the crock pot lasagna I made last night.


  16. 9recipes says:

    Great ! Love that


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