Summer Recap

While summer itself is still lazing on through the year, my own summer, the two months I have off of work, is actually coming to a close. Today I start back at work – no more long days of house projects, cooking, yoga, and writing. I may be able to keep posting a lot, but more likely I’ll go back to 3 posts a week, just because it is so much more sustainable when I’m out of the house all day.

But I like to take a moment and think about all that has been accomplished: I finished a draft of my novel, which I’m going to start querying agents about and possible will launch a crowdfunding campaign for; I went on a trip with my Mom and a trip with my Husband; I cooked many different things, getting better with the GoSun and with making bread; I crocheted a ton of blankets and toys and bags for my Relay for Life folks; I grew strawberries, lettuce, potatoes and tomatoes in my garden; and I threw a crazy fun meatball party with N. There’s so much to be grateful for.

As the Fall nears, I hope to start focusing in on recipes that aren’t super complicated or take a long time; I am sure it will be a jolt to not even start dinner until 6pm, so if we want to eat at a normal time, I’m going to be focusing on crock-pot recipes, quick sides, and things I can make in quantity on the weekend and reheat easily on weeknights. I’m hoping to keep working on crocheting and on harvesting our garden, as well as helping Husband add to our garden space for next year. There will be holidays and travel for work, but through it all, I hope I hold on to some of the calm and sweetness of summer mornings, getting to work on writing or other work. I love the daylight, and while it continues to wake us up, even at 6 in the morning, I will choose to see it as summer.

3 comments on “Summer Recap

  1. I’m impressed with all you’ve accomplished! I’m also headed back to work and am looking forward to easy recipes you will share. : )


  2. Sounds like a summer well spent– satisfying to look back on it all… Love the idea of a “meatball party!” lovely post…


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