Send your recipes!

As I start a new year, I’m running real low on recipes that come recommended with stories alongside them: want to help me get inspired again? Send me your recipe, a short note about it, and your blog (so I can link back to you!) – I cannot wait to try some new things! If you have sent me a recipe in a comment that I haven’t done yet, rest assured that I want to try it still! You can even send it again to jog my memory. 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on Recipe in a Bottle! I really enjoy trying the new things you all clue me in to!

14 comments on “Send your recipes!

  1. Dermott Hayes says:

    I like eating. I live alone, so I cook

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  2. Lissa Dobbs says:

    I have several scheduled to post on my blog this coming Sunday. They’re all based off pancake mix from a time I forgot I needed to take food and remembered way too late to do more than toss together whatever was in the house. 🙂

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  3. lddegroff says:

    Dusty and Liz. We just made Shrimp and spiral Zucchini pasta. The blog post is upcoming. Check out for the other meals we’ve cooked. Let me know if you have any questions!


  4. flandriaman says:

    In the spirit of promoting Belgian cuisine, try your hand at our national dish: stoofvlees met frieten! 😉

    Full details at! Good luck!


  5. I have tried to submit a script and link, but seems like it did not post.

    So let’s try again:


  6. […] huge shout out to everyone who has submitted a recipe! I am going to try to write them out on recipe cards and add them to my list but I still welcome […]


  7. free2bme27 says:

    Hello! Here’s a recipe that comes with a story all its own AND great childhood memories. Let me know what you think? Kim😊
    Grandma’s Recipe… – free2bme27


  8. […] a weekend intention to start writing out all the sweet recipes I have received from fellow bloggers via this post (and any new ones that arrive!) and start trying at least one a week. I’ll still be posting […]


  9. […] share a recipe with me via my form on […]

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  10. […] get in touch with me here, at the form called Send your recipes! to claim your […]

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