GoSun Caramelized Onions (and cherry tomatoes)

IMG_4428I have made a lot of veggie side-dishes in the GoSun at this point, but this is by far the best. On Saturday morning, Husband’s parents were visiting and we made bacon for breakfast, special treat. Later that afternoon, Husband decided burgers on the grill would be perfect for the sweltering evening, and so that we could have  caramelized onions without heating up the house even more, I chose to put the onions into the GoSun instead of cooking them on the stove top. I had the stroke of genius, as I finished up cutting onions, that I should put some bacon grease on them before I put them into the GoSun.

About an hour and a half later, they were WONDERFUL. The top layer was just translucent with little edges of brown, but the bottom layer had been stewing in its mixture of bacon grease and onion juices, and mmmm they were so sweet and soft! I will be throwing them on top of leftover burgers for the next few days, for sure! I also did a batch of cherry tomato halves, which were not quite so good – they just don’t dry out in the GoSun, so I need to do what I did a couple weeks ago and let them evaporate-dry for a few hours before putting them in the GoSun. Keep an eye on tomatoes because they certainly can burn – I had bits of carbonized tomato on my GoSun tube to show for it. Still, the sweet victory of those onions made up for it, and I’m excited to have something to do with all this heat wave temperatures.

What are your favorite foods for a heat wave? Obviously cooking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea when the heat is on, but what foods do you prepare? 🙂 Looking forward to your comments.

10 comments on “GoSun Caramelized Onions (and cherry tomatoes)

  1. My favorite meal to make without heating up the kitchen is fajitas. I throw my cast iron pan on the grill and do my veggies in that while the meat cooks. If the tortillas need warming I throw them on after I’ve turned the gas off and let the residual heat soften them.

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  2. The Chaos Realm says:

    Watermelon Gazpacho, Smoothies, Green Apples and Cheese


  3. Salads, of course, in all their endless permutations. But my husband begins to blanch at the sight of more lettuce, and likes an occasional hot meal.

    I cook on the Weber gas BBQ, in longer summer evenings, to keep the heat outside. And I do a lot of thermal cooking, using a Thermos Shuttlechef thermal cooker, and a fabric Wonderbox cooker I made a few years ago. (My modern haybox!) I have devised a way of combining my pressure cooker (a small, shallow Kuhn Rikon braiser) and the Wonderbox. It is very effective. An electric crockpot is nice in winter and warms the kitchen but is unbearable in summer.


  4. nancyruth says:

    Scrambled eggs with vegetables. Quick and easy. Cold tuna noodle salad is a favorite too.


  5. Viral T. says:

    Reminds me of the sauteed riced cauliflower that I made earlier this year. Looks delicious! https://vstgoglobal.wordpress.com/2016/04/12/garlic-cheese-caulif/


  6. Lovely post. For us it is Salads…lots and lots of fresh salads in the summer time. Also, I try and avoid using the oven as much as possible during summer 😜


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