The Unexpected Pleasure of Veggie Side Dishes, brought to you by GoSun

The GoSun oven provides for my cooking of veggies what Pokemon Go provides players for walking: an extra pleasure, a delight above the regular benefit of the action. Walking and eating veggies are their own reward, but that’s sometimes not enough to make us do those things. The GoSun makes me cook more veggies than I ever thought I would this summer, and I thought I’d share my four favorite combinations:

  1. bell peppers and onions: This mix is especially great for breakfast, right alongside scrambled eggs and biscuits. You barely need to season a good onion recipe, and as long as you cut the bell peppers ahead of time and let them air-dry for an hour or two. Also nice on top of burgers!
  2. yellow squash and zucchini – It only takes a little longer to put these in the GoSun than in a roasting pan, so if you spice them up with red pepper flakes and some garlic, this can make for the best possible side-dish and also use up some of that squash piling up during this part of the summer.
  3. cut cherry tomato halves – to roast up cherry tomatoes before putting them in pasta or a casserole, throw them in the GoSun with a little olive oil! I have been doing this in order to make it not feel like we have too many tomatoes coming out of the garden – sure, they’re good on salads, but this packs so much flavor into other dishes.
  4. Green beans with a little bacon grease – I am not a huge green bean person, but putting a bunch of these in the GoSun with a little pan dripping from a batch of bacon makes them full of flavor and, as long as you don’t go overboard, still quite healthy!

Obviously, I need to get more adventurous with my cooking of other things besides vegetables, but these are just so easy to clean up after, so tasty, and such a good mid-summer run.


By the way, I get nothing from GoSun for these posts – I just really like this product and think that people will like it if they get it and use it regularly. Just letting you know, this ain’t an ad. 🙂

8 comments on “The Unexpected Pleasure of Veggie Side Dishes, brought to you by GoSun

  1. Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmmm it all sounds so good.


  2. Great ideas! I recently bought a GoSun Sport, and look forward to using it for summer veggies once our next growing season rolls around. Winter here, now, in Australia. (But I used some of our dehydrated, shredded, home-grown golden courgette in tonight’s dinner – the taste of last summer’s sunshine!)


  3. Oh, LOVE the googly eyes on the stove. Too cute.


  4. NPetchuGetsU says:

    Oh wow it’s nice to know someone following me is talking about their experience with a Go Sun! My workplace sells them online and I’ve been mega curious about them. Thanks for sharing your experience!


  5. barbwit says:

    Enjoyed reading your suggestions some of which I use, but I don’t know what a GoSun is.
    And thank you for liking my buddliea photo. The bush is huge and still full of flowers and insects, looking great in the sunshine here in SE London.


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