Hira’s Chicken Shawarma!

So, Hira sent me this recipe:  https://www.madeeasy.com.pk/shawarma-recipe/, which just sounded perfect one evening when I was home alone. Sure, it makes enough for more people, but I scaled it down to fit the spices I had and the serving I could eat, and didn’t end up with leftovers… though that was probably more due to the fact that the sauce/spicing on this is SO GOOD. I didn’t make it super hot-spicy, but the garlic mayo sauce is to die for and mixes so well with curried chicken – I loved it! I probably could have marinaded my chicken longer – didn’t work very hard to wait on it, just let the strips of chicken dethaw for a few minutes – so I bet it could have been even more flavorful.

I didn’t have pita (anyone have a go-to homemade pita recipe???) and I was home alone, so I ate this one straight out of the bowl. There is something really special about a meal that you don’t dress up to the full presentation possibilities, that has all the delicate flavors of a fancy dinner but which you can eat with a fork, sitting at your kitchen table watching squirrels chase each other behind your home. I really thought that I wasn’t very hungry when I started, that I’d have a little leftover for the next day, but the spicing and the sauce all mixed together and my appetite grew.

I really appreciate Hira sharing her blog, which has lots of recipes for spices I’ve got on my shelf but which I don’t always know how to use – sorry they aren’t National brand, but I’m sure the chicken shawarma would have been even better if I could use your garam masala! I am excited to try more “Arabic everyday food” in the future, because this was lovely.

5 comments on “Hira’s Chicken Shawarma!

  1. The Chaos Realm says:

    They made gluten-free pitta on The Great British Baking Show…LOL


  2. I liked the “squirrels chasing each other in the yard” visual. I’ve had shwarma in Canada when I visit for work, but this has me wanting to make it.


  3. i really love chicken shwarma. . great post 🙂
    and by the way thanks for stopping by and liking my stuff .. if you like my work then click the follow button . we can be wordpress buddies 🙂 😉 !!!!!!!!
    so keep going like this .. waiting for more stuffs from you 😉


  4. hangrydesign says:

    Now I need to make some shawarma! Yum


  5. vegetatio says:

    Yummy……. Great……….


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