Curried Butternut Squash Soup… Because the Squash doesn’t end.

I know stories of bounty, of how zucchini plants take over gardens and the owners become desperate zucchini gifters… but this is the first time I’ve experienced it. I swear, butternut squash is the most beautiful veggie in the world until it is all just sitting there in front of you, 20 pounds of it, and you have no idea what to do with it all!

Well, one thing you do is roast it and put it in soup. Duh.

I was inspired by this recipe by blogger How Sweet Eats, but because husband cannot do coconut anything, I subbed in chicken stock for most of the coconut-y things (I had some on hand, it’s also got a depth of flavor, and it added a bit of richness to an otherwise thin soup). In the past, making butternut squash soup made me feel so wholesome – like I was really taking care of myself and anyone who shared the soup. This was no different; and this time, I really brought a lot of curry flavor to bear, compared to a few sprinkles as a garnish in the past. It goes so well with the sweet veggie.

This soup is totally divine when pureed, but I was making it on a night that I was utterly exhausted and I also was rebelling: butternut squash does puree up really nice, but it’s tasty with chunks too. So I lazily took a potato masher to the larger bits of this soup, and once everything was comfortably bite size or smaller, I just let it simmer till I was ready to eat. There is so much vitamin A and C in soup, you can just feel it fortifying you when you’ve got long night shifts or just a general lack of sleep.

You haven’t seen the last of the butternut squash recipes, but this is definitely up there among the tastiest!

17 comments on “Curried Butternut Squash Soup… Because the Squash doesn’t end.

  1. mytinytexaslife says:

    Sounds like you have your hands full. I have not experimented with butternut much. I did like butternut soup when my aunt made it one time. I wonder if you could make some sort of butternut butter something like pumpkin butter or apple butter. Just a thought. Have a great day šŸ™‚

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  2. camsieb says:

    I adore butternut or pumpkin squash soup and I love curry. This looks great!


  3. MrsCraft says:

    I love butternut squash soup. I roast mine with onions, red peppers and garlic cloves then add chicken stock to a pan with half a teaspoon of chilli flakes. It’s one of my favourite ever soups. šŸ˜Š

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  4. familyfoodhomestead says:

    oohh, thank you for sharing! I am wondering why our butternut squash isn’t ready yet. It still seems small in the garden and not completely hard skin. Can’t wait til ours are ready.


  5. foodinbooks says:

    Yum! A great variation on butternut squash soup, this is. I’ve never tried it with curry flavoring, but I did make a coconut milk butternut squash bisque awhile back, with lemon and thyme flavors. It was delicious. And I know what you mean about feeling as though you’re taking care of yourself when eating this kind of food. It’s nourishing and comforting, but healthy as well. Great recipe!


  6. shellsstudio says:

    I love any kind of veggie soup, especially drinking soup, the pureed kind, in fact I think I have a soup addiction. The only problem I have with pumpkin or butternut soup is the peeling. You need very strong hands to peel those veggies, it’s more of a skill than anything else, especially cutting them.


  7. Amber R. says:

    Oh this looks and sounds heavenly šŸ™‚ I love cooking with curry, what a wonderful way to incorporate it into a Fall favorite. Soups are major comfort food in the colder months! Great recipe, saved it!


  8. Your Soup looks delicious! I love butternut squash soup and look forward to making some soon!


  9. yaamatullah says:

    We love butternut and the winter here is filled with butternut apple soup (from simply recipes).

    You can also steam the butternut and substitute it for potatoes in Indian dishes.


  10. acquest13 says:

    Another butternut lover here. Have lots of tiny ones coming on in the garden, I so hope I get 20lbs worth! I will definitely be trying this recipe.


  11. annika says:

    LOL. I am all too familiar with this. This summer, I have become a desperate herb gifter! The soup looks lovely!


  12. Christina Nifong says:

    This looks delish. You know you can store your butternuts in a cool dry place (NOT the fridge) and they will keep for months and months. We keep our garden bounty in a basket in the basement and use them all winter long: roasting them, making soup, making a mashed squash dish with a bit of maple syrup and butter that my kids love. We’ll be eating ours till March at least!


  13. That sound delicious!
    Thanks :D!


  14. This looks delicious and I love the title of your site!
    Many thanks for stopping by and following my Travel and Photography blog. šŸ™‚


  15. S says:

    Recipe sounds DELICIOUS. I was just thinking of making soup with butternut. It’s what’s for dinner!

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    • S says:

      I made this tonight and we loved it! Next time I will just stir in a small spoonful of pnut butter instead of the chopped peanuts. Thanks for the recipe šŸ™‚

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