The Way Running Makes me Feel about Food

I experience cravings more often than I experience hunger. I’m aware that living in the United States with a good steady supply of food, I generally can get to sustenance if I really need it. Instead, I experience the desire for something specific: a crunch, a sweetness, a richness, or a watery juiciness.

When I’m running, I am usually so focused on not stopping that I don’t experience hunger or cravings. I’m focused on so many parts of my body: knees that are reminding me how many times I’ve already ran this week, a stitch in my side, showing the outlines of all those inner organs I rarely think about, feet that absorb the shock of the hard ground for me. I’m focused on moving forward, and I’m focused on how disgustingly sweaty I am, and once in a while I focus on how much I’d like a cool drink of water. It’s after the run, when I feel like I’ve either quit a little early or I’ve totally used every ounce of energy, when I start to feel like I need some food.

I’ll drink water for a while (there is no worse headache than a post-run headache where you didn’t replenish with water) but then I usually want something fresh and wholesome: a salad, a hearty soup, a sandwich on good, chewy bread. It’s the time when it feels like my body takes over the static of my brain (which wants candy, junk food, soda, quick jolts of good feelings) and really demands nutrition.Running hurts, but it does make me feel pretty alive, and it’s now finally the right temperature outside that one would reasonably want to run outdoors. It’s a nice side benefit that running makes me excited for my butternut squash soup or a good salad prepared by Husband (never with mushrooms though).


10 comments on “The Way Running Makes me Feel about Food

  1. Taureenia says:

    This makes me want to start running again. Excellent post!


  2. I raise a glass to your energy

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  3. Kim Smyth says:

    I hate mushrooms too, and I couldn’t run for my life…but I do enjoy a good walk!😉


  4. poetangel1 says:

    Great post. I admire your commitment to running.


  5. I could by have summed this feeling up any better! Totally agree, such an odd balance.


  6. nunnerst says:

    Know that feeling! Don’t think i’ve ever felt hungry while running either. Thirsty and sweaty though… don’t even get me started!! :0D (Pasta a favourite post-run feast. Though i can just as easily go for a fry-up, I’m afraid!!)
    Reminder to self: must run more!


  7. cafherring says:

    You put words to feelings so well! Although I do not run 😉 I relate to body shifting want vs need and what signals it sends for those foods when going through an elimination trial – but it was wonderful!


  8. Become More Healthy Blog says:



  9. michal says:

    I feel the same way! Running makes me crave whole food, and eating whole food makes me crave exercise/running!

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  10. Very relatable! Want to get off my bed and start running immediately!

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