The Ripening of an Interesting Year

I was visiting the community garden and saw this plant, big and lush and green, but until I got down at grass level, I couldn’t tell that there was indeed a big purple eggplant growing under there.

I’m sure, if you are like me, that sometimes, you don’t feel like you have seen any fruit for all the efforts you’ve put in. Maybe you are a blogger and you feel like not a lot of people are reading your work; maybe you are a student who has yet to receive stellar feedback from faculty members; maybe you are a cook whose toddler looks at every meal with suspicion despite the many times you have fed them delicious things. It can take a long time to see results from many worthwhile endeavors.

Yesterday, I visited with a former Professor of mine, who asked me questions about my future. I hadn’t had any questions like that in a long time – where was I going, did I want to stay at the place where I worked, what did I want to do next? It seems that in the hustle and bustle of getting married, starting first jobs, getting to know a new community, I had been let off the hook for future plans for a while. Now, as the beginning of the semester seems to be finally settling into a pattern instead of non-stop new demands, it seems that the future is something to be asked about.

It makes me think about the future of my writing and my cooking, but it also makes me feel like here and there, I’ve found some “surprise eggplants,” some fruit. I have written a few articles for websites, which I hadn’t done previously. I have a rough, but complete, draft of my novel. I’m running, for better or for worse, a 10K tomorrow. There are little displays of results, if I’m willing to look.

It makes me want to know what I’m looking for in the next few years, though. I think it’s easier to identify your successes when you think about where you want to go and where you’ve been sometimes. What goals are you setting for yourself lately, cooking or writing or otherwise?

14 comments on “The Ripening of an Interesting Year

  1. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for a thoughtful, inspirational post. It’s always good to check in with yourself to get some perspective, so this is a good reminder.


  2. sudustories says:

    We all ask these kinds of questions i guess..nicely put write up and good luck with your running too


  3. arlingwoman says:

    You are right. I would recommend that you have a conversation with your husband about your individual and household goals and then make a plan for achieving them. What are they? How do you get there? What are the steps involved? Start with five years. You move in the direction of your thoughts and aspirations. Go for it.


  4. I loved your eggplant analogy relating to blogging and felt encouraged after reading what you’d written!
    Thank you; great writing and I hope you do well on your 10k, tomorrow!

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  5. That was fantastic. Thank you! My goals are to pass graduate courses about creating online instruction, keep loving working as a para, and write this blog whether anyone reads it or not! 🙂 I just want to be happy doing what I want to do!


  6. Thank you for your post – you describe exactly how I feel! Such a lot of work for what seems like very little reward but I know that my blog and my cooking are not invisible and eventually the fruits will ripen


  7. Good luck with the run. Your thoughtful post reminded me to be more reflective and grateful. My immediate goal is to overcome my post-flu languor in time to replant my vegetable garden for Spring.


  8. I’ve been asked that goal question loads of times and I always stumble, it’s so tough to know; how much to tell someone, what they will think, is it truly your goal?

    Since becoming a stay at home dad I’ve had pause to think about it, I don’t particularly want to go back into sales again, but I feel I have more desire to write.

    Perhaps visions are a better way to look at it.

    Just some random ramblings from me I guess.



  9. cobgoddess says:

    Good Luck tomorrow and I wish you Wind behind your wings, Water to quench your thirst, enough inner Fire to outrun everybody else, and good ground(Earth ) under your feet.
    I guess the future can only be predicted through our passions and what dreams push us most.
    Love your writing.


  10. These are questions on my mind lately… Great post!!


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  12. I hope your future includes many more blog posts. Living in Africa your posts give me a taste of life in the US in more ways than one. Your food descriptions are mouth-watering and your honesty is refreshing. Thanks for sharing your world with us.


  13. Pei-Lin Yu says:

    Love the metaphor for ripening! I’m going to Taiwan in a few months to rediscover some important roots: the beginning of farming 6,000 years ago, indigenous farming culture, and my father’s family history. Throughout, I will keep in mind sowing, germination, growth, ripening, and harvest!

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  14. Thanks for following my blog!
    I really enjoyed reading your post and I love the eggplant analogy. I think that a lot of people cruise through sections of their lives without stopping to inspect and reflect. I can only connect to people who do question, ponder and make necessary adjustments. I myself am in a period of frequent introspection at the moment as I moved my family to a different continent for my job and now it’s unclear whether I’ll still have a job next year. It’s very difficult to consider where we should go next and what sort of job I can get. Sometimes a PhD is a hindrance!
    Thanks for providing a discussion forum for an important topic!

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