What homemade blankets mean as gifts

There is an author, Tamora Pierce, who created a young adults book series all about magic. One of the ways magic worked was that a character could weave the magic into a blanket or a quilt or a shawl, giving powers to whoever had it. It made for very imaginative writing.

I tend to think that a little bit of that magic exists in the real world with handmade gifts – I don’t make fancy blankets when I crochet, but they do require me to think through colors and styles, and keep the final product looking clean and tidy. When I was working on this blanket these past few weeks, I was thinking of M, and her new daughter G who is receiving it. G is so tiny and sleepy all the time at 6 weeks old, but M has taken to motherhood like she was born to it; the perfect mix of attentive and calm. I was thinking about how G will grow up in the same town as me, and maybe I’ll babysit her, or at least see her at the free concerts downtown each summer. All those thoughts for the future, and all my memories of M from the past, were on my mind as I made stitches.

When I visited M to deliver the present, she made a big deal out of it, even though as you can see, it’s pretty small and simple. She insisted that I take a big bag of basil, oregano, and jalapenos because she had more than she could use in her garden. We chatted about school and work and just the very existence of the blanket brought us a little closer. The same thing happens when you bring over food to a pair of new parents, or when you find a way to craft something for a birthday that leads to a lovely story. It’s intangible, but there’s a little magic in it.

23 comments on “What homemade blankets mean as gifts

  1. I saved all the hand-made baby quilts/blankets that I received as gifts for my newborns. There is so very much magic there. Thanks for a lovely piece. 💕 Van

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  2. Kim Smyth says:

    Very pretty and I’m sure it will be enjoyed for years to come!

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  3. MRW says:

    A beautifully written blog post.

    My late great-grandmother began a quilt for me when I was an infant. However, she became ill, and was unable to finish it. When I say, unable to finish it, it’s a quilt top: it wasn’t backed and stuffed. I tried to get several experienced quilters to finish it, but, they were very hesitant, due to the age of the quilt top. At the time, it was about 40 years old. I was told to enjoy it as is. I should get one of those quilt racks, and display it.

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  4. Olala says:

    I never called that magic, but you’re right, I think that all hand-made gifts are magical, they show that we care and that this person is important. Great post!

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  5. I absolutely agree with you, i would say there are few thing money can’t buy; and here see it’s that magical feeling of gifting and receiving a hand made craft.
    Very well written so simple yet so touchy.

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  6. jpeters6248 says:

    If I have the time, I always try to think of a handmade gift. Thinking of the perfect gift is always the challenge, but I like to think I up for any creative challenge 🙂 Well done on your gift and I am going to have to look up those books by Tamora Pierce. They sound like something truly magical and fun.

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  7. Briony J Shutt says:

    Thanks for liking my country heaven review xoxo

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  8. nancyruth says:

    What beautiful magic!

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  9. TheSpoonMage says:


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  10. Daal says:

    Home made presents are the best! I’m always nervous about taking food, that people might not like it.

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  11. Rainy Sunday says:

    Excellent point. Also, Tamora Pierce is awesome! 🙂

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  12. Jacqueline aka Schleifchen says:

    Great story and so true. I have just finished a large square 15-coloured blanket. This will go from Australia to Germany in two weeks as a present for my grandma. She will be 98 this November and I can picture her sitting on her balcony wrapping her knees with it for warmth and with my love.

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  13. This is lovely to read, and I agree, there is definitely some magic there, I find it amazing how we can turn a skein into something beautiful

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  14. Your blanket for G is beautiful and I’m sure you’re right about that magic. Even with old pieces like vintage linens, and even when you never know who made them, hand crafted items always have a special warmth and spirit that mass produced things lack 🙂

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  15. Beautiful blanket and I really agree there seems to be a bit of magic in handmade things. Tamora Pierce is one of my favorite YA authors, glad you like her!!

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  16. FallingDay says:

    Love it! I always think a little bit of me goes with every blanket I make for family and friends. 🙂

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  17. Kathryn says:

    What you said is so true. I think we all appreciate the gift of time and thought that comes with something handmade. So much comes to us “quickly” in our world, and even a small blanket represents an investment of someone’s time.

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  18. rachelmjkim says:

    This is inspiring me to craft something for my best friend who has a 11 week year old baby! Thank you 🙂

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  19. Hi! I just saw that you had started following my blog (thanks! :)) so I thought I’d drop by 🙂 This is a lovely post and I can really relate to what you wrote. I love making knitted gifts, because all the time I spend knitting them is hours and hours I spend thinking about the person who will receive them, entertaining nice thoughts about them, and I’ve always felt that this is something people who receive the gift feel, too, and it makes it so special. You’re right, there’s something magical in that.

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  20. moonstarcan says:

    the magic is the Human connection we make when we come together and give from the heart. there is nothing better than giving someone a handmade gift especially when it comes from the heart

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  21. atangleofwebs says:

    I just knit an afghan for my sister’s wedding, and it was one of those cases where she makes homemade gifts for people as well (I’m actually in the midst of writing a blog about homemade gifts). and we both understood the magic in it. Her husband’s Mom gave them a quilt she’d made, so both sides of the family understand it. I think it’s a good way to start their marriage.
    Also, I love Tamora Pierce :~)


  22. Tina says:

    I like that, the thought of having some magic woven into a blanket. Your crocheting is wonderful. I am still trying to learn stitches and so, it’s all straight lines for me now. Great gift, it’s always appreciated when you get a homemade gift.

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