Homemade Salsa – Delicious Veggies in Disguise!

Some of my favorite aspects of Mexican food (and all the American variants on Mexican food) are also the fattiest ones – avocados mashed together with garlic and pepper, sour cream on top of a taco, and that glorious spicy goo that is hot queso. I generally saw salsa as a garnish on top of other food.

I have had two experiences where salsa became one of my favorite foods, and where I realized that it is pretty much all veggies while not tasting anything like salad. One was when a classmate brought in homemade pico de gallo and we all crunched into tortilla chips covered in the fresh, spicy mix; I noted how refreshing it was, while still feeling substantial – iceberg lettuce, it is not. The other time was at a girl’s night, when I was first getting to know three friends, B, K, and J, who live near where I live now. They made an enormous bowl of corn and black bean salsa, which is pretty substantial and filling without being super calorie dense like guacamole or queso. I could eat it all evening long and still leave a reasonable level of full. Also, it utilized red wine vinegar and had this amazing, addictive combination of sweet and savory. For something similar, check out this recipe from Culinary Hill: http://www.culinaryhill.com/black-bean-salsa/

So when Husband proposed a Taco Tuesday this week, I thought I’d whip out the food processor and make some homemade salsa; we still have mountains of tomatoes coming in and it seemed a great way to liven them up and try using some spices other than my go-to italian-driven palate. I didn’t have any cilantro – our one little cilantro plant had a sad and short life this year – so I employed this recipe – http://www.food.com/recipe/salsa-no-cilantro-370600 – and used lots of onion, garlic, and spices to bring the tomato to life. Instead of layering cheese and avocado on my tacos, I put a large bed of this spicy salsa in and left less room for my fattier favorites. The result was a more fresh-tasting taco that didn’t leave me feeling like a blob afterwards. Delicious.


16 comments on “Homemade Salsa – Delicious Veggies in Disguise!

  1. gina@mytinytexaslife says:

    Homemade salsa is the bestest. You are lucky to have homegrown tomatoes. 🙂

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  2. Christina Nifong says:

    Yes! Here’s my pico post. 🙂 Love this recipe…. https://christinanifong.com/2016/08/04/pico-de-gallo/

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  3. foodinbooks says:

    You can’t beat homemade salsa, and once you’ve made it, you really can’t go back to jarred salsa. Looks wonderful!


  4. This looks so good! I don’t usually make homemade salsa, but I think it’s time to try. I do, however, make a homemade pico de gallo. Check it out here: https://ourlittlewaysblog.wordpress.com/2016/09/08/homemade-pico-de-gallo-with-a-twist/

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  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks. We too have lots of tomatoes and my husband doesn’t like cilantro. I’m going to try it.

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  7. aya says:

    Wow! I think I’m gonna try this for some nachos. XD

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  8. 2sistersfarm says:

    I’m drooling while reading this!!! I love any kind of salsa. Have you ever tried freezing cilantro? I’ve done it and put it into salsa, tastes just as fresh!

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  9. pardecar says:

    Love bean salsa also!Recently I have been making my own guacamole and what a difference that makes as well!

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  10. […] I wrote about this recipe in this post: Homemade Salsa – Delicious Veggies in Disguise! […]


  11. gonna try it thanks 😀

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  12. Hira says:

    You and I are at two opposite end of spectrum cooking! Everything looks so tempting on this blog. And this salsa looks super easy. Hmm , Time to buy tomatoes!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and follow 🙂

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  13. kelleysdiy says:

    Your making me sooooo hungry!!!

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  14. chefkreso says:

    Love salsa, yummy!

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