Party time, the third!

It’s coming. The third potluck. I think back to when I started this blog, and I can hardly believe it – the original plan was 35 recipes and 4 dinner parties. The 35 recipes has mushroomed, but I’m still only 2 out of 4 for the potlucks. Thankfully, the third is coming. When N expressed just as much excitement as I did about the idea of a party themed around soups and breads, we decided to go halves on hosting again – she’s going to bring friends from where she lives, 30 minutes away, and I’m inviting friends who live in my town, all the join each other for some autumnal enjoyment at my house.

Soups are one of my favorite foods, and that’s a little strange because they weren’t hugely important in my childhood. My dad makes a mean Korean noodle soup, and my Mom knows her way around a pot of chicken and dumplings, but purees, chilis, etc. just weren’t that common for us. However, I’ve got big plans: I’m going for a chunky tomato and gouda (won’t call it a bisque because my tomatoes may not whip up smooth, but a soup nonetheless) and a version of my curried butternut squash soup that has some apple in it for added sweetness and depth. I want to make the buttered-bowl peasant bread again, and then something for dessert… I will dig through the recipes I still have to use, but I’m thinking maybe gingerbread? Tasty but also autumnal in their flavors?

One of my favorite parts of eating soup is dipping a really good piece of bread into it, so I hope to have a wide variety of soups and breads to share with you once the party is over and the soup has all been packed in pyrex to take to work the next day. I’m hoping for good fall weather, though, because we have had a bit of a heat wave lately.


11 comments on “Party time, the third!

  1. Thanks for this, I love soup too and I think it is the only thing that makes cold winter days bearable.

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  2. crazykatya says:

    Your posts always make me so hungry! Which I suppose proves what a wonderful job you do.

    I recently tried making the peasant bread recipe you shared – it is my new favorite thing to make for my daughter. Just wanted to thank you for that.

    Best of luck with your party, it sounds like it will be perfectly timed with the cool autumn weather coming in.

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  3. We have a heat wave in Germany too, but today itseems to end…
    I also love soups and can’t wait for your recipes!!
    My family likes a recipe from Moldavian, it’s with potatoes, carrots, onions, chili and feta cheese…it really heats you frome the inside….

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  4. Soccer is huuuuge out in my area too! Great post lovely!

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  5. 2sistersfarm says:

    How about a pumpkin roll for dessert?

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  6. Sounds like fun. Soup and crusty bread…always a winning meal for me. 💙 💜

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  7. babl says:

    I plan to reblog your post in my blog Since you have enabled reblogging on your post, I am assuming that you are allowing others to reblog this post. However, if you have any objection to reblogging your post, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you.

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  8. DollsDelectableDays says:

    I absolutely love butternut squash soup, it’s like autumn in a bowl. But I never thought about currying it! Usually I do a garlicky version with fresh rosemary.

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