Flexible Food Techniques and Cooking While Camping

I think part of why people like camping is that it pushes you to the edge of what you find comfortable – you don’t quite have all the things you are accustomed to, even if you are camping at a campground with running water and lots of convenience. I know Husband loves this experience. For me, it’s an opportunity for a different set of taste sensations, and definitely for different ways to cook food.

We bring a portable grill with us when camping, and did so this weekend, but Husband has a favorite method for boiling water: campfire-style. He builds up a strong fire, places two thick, similar-sized logs across the fire pit as a “grate,” and balances a pot of water such that the handle is out of the flames but the water is directly in the heat of the fire. This makes me nervous, because if the logs burn through before the water boils, a big pot of hot water splashes down into the flames, creating steam and splashes and ruining the fire that everyone is sitting around and enjoying. In the best case scenario (which happened twice this weekend: once for green beans and once for coffee water!), the water boils, Husband removes it from the flames, and the logs later crack and fall into the fire pit, neat and tidy.

We also learned to live without a variety of cooking oils – because the only thing Husband packed was olive oil, that’s what we had to drizzle on our toast and to cook our eggs. It was not a problem, and if anything I discovered a new tasty treat. It’s also helpful that usually, I’m hungrier on camping trips than other times: just to get to the bathroom required a 15 minute walk, so I’m just much more active in general. It sure makes food taste good when you have to come up with work-arounds based on the food you have, and based on the heat sources you have, to be able to make do!


12 comments on “Flexible Food Techniques and Cooking While Camping

  1. I love to read your blog. Have nominated you for “A lovely Blog Award”.

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  2. Excellent post. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  3. FallingDay says:

    Yep! This is absolutely one of the best parts of camping, finding interesting ways to do things you’re used to doing a certain way, pushing yourself and your comfort zones. It’s about personal growth. 🙂

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  4. Elizabeth says:

    Find a green stick, stick on a marshmallow, fight over the best way to cook it–toasted brown or on fire. We camped for years when I was a kid and marshmallows and hot dogs are still vivid food memories.

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  5. eucalypttree says:

    Cooking while camping with an open fire equals bliss. So long as the weather is behaving. My most favourite way to cook is with a heavy camp oven. Many a beautiful roast and casseroles have been prepared in one of these. Also compulsory a nice glass of wine!

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  6. flkeysfoodie says:

    Ha! We wrote about camping and cooking on the same day – don’t you love camping in the fall? Your husband’s use of the fire is intriguing. I’d be very interested to know what meals you cooked while camping. Always looking for new ideas!

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  7. calennaj says:

    Mmm, camping. Watching the kids set marshmallows on fire and argue about the best way to eat them… Hiding under the awning while it pours… Good times. 🙂

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  8. Ill be camping one last time this weekend because its getting colder in Michigan. I enjoy watching the fire and not thinking about anything.

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  9. leelovelife says:

    I’m heading out on a camping trip tomorrow, and you couldn’t be more right about creative cooking, though I’ve never witnessed an attempt at boiling water over the fire! Gotta love male ingenuity.

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  10. This brings back memories! My Dad was a scout master so we packed it in to the site and it had to be light. So it was a ‘billy’ tin on the fire for boiling water and damper bread cooked in the coals. Mmmm.

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