Making Dinners Out Special

I’ve been trying something new: when Husband and I go out, I am trying harder than before to get something that I have never tried. For instance, last night we got dinner because I was going away for a few days, and I got a grilled pear and goat cheese salad – so delicious and I’ve never had it before. I wanted to remember how nice it was to have dinner with Husband, chatting about our mutually crazy days at work and feeling like we really were getting the chance to unwind.

I’ve now eaten at a lot of restaurants with Husband, to the point where they often blend together. Part of my goal in eating a different thing whenever I go out is to try to “fix” it in my memory: I want to remember really valuable nights out. I remember eating a really amazing burger when visiting Husband in Baltimore, back before we were sure if our long-distance relationship would work. I remember drinking a slushie from a gas station right after we got engaged, when each of us would look at each other and giggle a little, not quite believing  we were getting married. I remember the plate of Indian food (let’s be real… there have been so many plates of Indian food) that I ate after our best date ever, a night at an astronomy observatory looking at stars.

If I can have a memorable meal or a meal that I have had a million times, I want to be the person who chooses a memorable one (I don’t always, though. I’m pretty likely to make a beeline for whatever has avocado on it, if I’m being realistic). These meals help me keep track of all the places we’ve been together, and all the people we’ve shared time with along the way.

18 comments on “Making Dinners Out Special

  1. Dina says:

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Hira says:

    Sometimes a meal stays in memory, not only coz of food but company. 😍

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  3. Mel & Suan says:

    Meals where there are conversations are all that more enjoyable, memorable. Its not the food but the company!

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  4. Nicolette Poulsen says:

    I like this idea! My husband and I go to this one Indian restaurant and I always order the chicken tikka masala. I need to try something new!

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  5. There’s nothing better than sharing food with the ones you love!

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  6. I honestly love going out to dinner with my love, but I enjoy the nights we stay in and cook a nice dinner at home together even more. Although it doesn’t really matter I guess where you go or what you eat, it’s the company ❤ Lovely post though, thanks for sharing!

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  7. prior.. says:

    such a beautiful post – and thinking of the giggles with the slushy brought a warm smile.
    mt step-daughter never got slushies with her mom and so when she visited us – we usually had to find a way to all go out for some.

    anyhow, the pear and goat cheese salad looks yum.

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  8. wysiwyg says:

    I’m hungry 🙂


  9. mrdodd says:

    Perfect dinning moments are rare, I guess that’s what makes them so special. Try as you might, you can’t create them, the just happen. Like the time my son and I closed down a Mexican dive. Ate there a thousand times, but something made this different. Or a night on a patio with my wife when time stopped and we talked and laughed until 11.

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  10. Ayreen Khan says:

    Any celebration is incomplete without food. In the South Asian part of the world we say, we need only a reason to have good food and people coming over. Food is a blessing. And food with good taste can tease your mood. Hence the company is important. Else food can bring people closer too. 🙂

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  11. My family laughs that we all have go-to items on menus. Jambalaya for son-in-law, chicken fried steak for husband, fish or shrimp tacos for me. I try to order things I don’t cook.

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  12. touchink says:

    best gift in the world ” food”

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  13. I Love Dinning out with anyone let it loved ones or family or friends. Just Love them

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  14. Linda says:

    What a lovely way to look at eating out…instead of just an easy dinner, it’s a memory in the making. I can just picture you and your husband-to-be with those slushies. I remember my own ‘this can’t be quite real’ moment. Thanks for the uplifting thoughts.

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  15. What a good attitude!

    I feel the same way and it makes eating out while travelling good and bad. Good because I try new dishes and it’s memorable but bad because it can take a long time to select a restaurant and it puts pressure on it being a good place, especially because we are always dining with our two children so it’s 4 people that have to be satisfied. It was so much easier when we lived in the same city for 8 years but now every dining experience is on a different continent to our home and becomes more intense and novel. We had a disappointing meal 2 days ago in Bavaria. We selected dishes from the Autumn menu and we could barely eat the white sausages when we realised they were made from veal, which we never eat for ethical reasons.

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  16. shreyovi says:

    Good food with a good company last longer in memory.

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