Forgetting to Eat!

Does it ever happen to you that your day is so busy and there are so many tasks to be done in a very set amount of time that you just don’t eat at all? That has been today for me – my body has figured that my levels of stress hormones, I guess, mean that appetite isn’t worth having.

It does occur to me that one way to prevent unnecessary snacking is to stay busy (too busy to be hungry!) but for the most part, I think this is a bad habit on my part. For one thing, when my appetite does return, it returns without any rules or reason: it wants all the food, right now, and in massive quantities.

I do have some pretty amazing memories on when my body was running on coffee and fumes, though: in college, A and I sat together in a coffee house for 7 or 8 hours finishing our enormous final projects for a class; people we knew stopped by here and there to chat with us and commiserate about final projects in general, and it felt like the whole world was trying to learn with us. While we realized all of a sudden that we needed to eat at some point that day, and had to take a break, the memory stuck with me.

Perhaps I don’t want a lifestyle that makes me forget to eat regularly, but I do want, once in a while, to encounter projects or challenges so consuming that I don’t need food to focus on them. I like sometimes wondering if something is just outside of my abilities, and trying to push myself. It’s a bit like Julie from Julie and Julia trying to make her final recipe, which involved boning a duck; sometimes, we just want to try something so difficult that our body needs all its attention right there. Hopefully, though, my appetite will return tonight and I can whip up something tasty.

22 comments on “Forgetting to Eat!

  1. Very well! I have encountered such situations several times but food is food, I just can’t ignore it 😀

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  2. niki-novak says:

    Snacking is actually good for you, if you’re eating healthy stuff. It will keep your energy going while you’re bustling about. 🙂

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  3. tcriggs says:

    Yes. I am bad about that too! Great about reminding the girls to eat, and my husband (it’s always, “did you eat your apple?”… but most days it’s 11am before I realize I haven’t even thought about breakfast, let alone an apple to eat with it.

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  4. Vic Crain says:

    I keep almonds around for snacking.

    The more serious point here is the need for involvement, for a sense of purpose and for a sense of excitement in doing something. Most people don’t have that, and that lack explains part of the energy generated by both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump earlier this year. There was a book by psychologist Viktor Frankl that I read back in high school. Frankl survived a concentration camp and felt that having a sense of purpose was a key reason for being able to sustain himself. That may be true of all of us.

    I did crazy all-nighters back in college and grad school. On rare occasions, I still do, where there is something that makes it worthwhile. Not enough does.

    A friend is a rep for Arbonne, and their shakes are a good substitute for breakfast, by the way.

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  5. Vic Crain says:

    Reblogged this on CRAIN'S COMMENTS and commented:
    I really like this post. What do you get excited about enough to sacrifice sleep?

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  6. sarahfoto says:

    I know exactly that feeling! Every time I have an exhibition coming up or big projects with my house or something else I always forget to eat, it’s like my body shuts off the hungry signal. I’ve never worried or bothered about my weight but this summer has been so busy. Now I’m trying to extend my appetite but I don’t worry too much, soon it’s x-mas!

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  7. NBRIJAY says:

    Actually it happens to me mostly every day.
    Thank you for sharing your blog and for following mine. Drop a line and tell me what you think 🙂

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  8. Can totally relate. I’m in my final year of university now and sometimes I just forget to eat because I’m so busy. My friend sometimes has to be like have you eaten today? I’ve started bringing lots of water to drink and I slip a few snacks in my bag now!

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  9. This happens to me all the time. I look up from my work and think ‘What? 2.30 already? Oh well …’ I find dried apricots invaluable, hardboiled eggs, BabyBel individual cheeses, bananas and small pots of yoghurt. Mostly things that are quick and easy to eat. But I think it probably isn’t the ideal way to live, except when working on a particular deadline.

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  10. Susanne says:

    I NEVER forget to eat. I’m one of those people that gets hangry w/out regular feeding and watering.

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  11. Mel & Suan says:

    Suan: I have a set of prepared stuff (ingredients etc) from which i can whip up a meal quick. Not the instant stuff though that has been more readily available these days from Asian grocers. It helps especially on long days and time seems to simply fly past!

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  12. one pot or freezer meals are great for those days. Trust me I know what you are going through as I have busy days preparing for marathons as well as studying.

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  13. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that does this. When I’m thoroughly occupied, I don’t have any desire for food. Or liquids. Which means that I get dehydrated on top of hungry, which means that I see a pan of fudge and think “mmm, lunch!” and I eat all the things and forget to drink enough liquids so now I am a walking blob of dehydrated fudge. Which isn’t good. For reasons.

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  14. ohiocook says:

    Thank you for following my blog!

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  15. Megha says:

    Can totally relate to this.. I get engrossed in my work and forget to eat or drink! Then when I start having headache, I get up and have some fruits and water. Then cook something to eat.

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  16. Hi, I recently nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Feel free to accept or decline, if you would like to accept this nomination, please check out this link on my blog for detail:

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  17. artloie says:

    Truth is I never really forget to eat, but I have been so engrossed in an activity that my hunger either just goes away or I’d rather continue said activity without eating. But you’re right, I wouldn’t want a lifestyle that enveloped me so much I forgot to eat.


  18. I can totally relate to this, haha! Back in Uni I lived off of cereal for a good week during summer just because I’ve been so engrossed in my assignments I forgot to eat let alone buy groceries. Now that I’m working I have to ensure I eat proper meals to get me going at my 9-5 job, a big one-pot pasta is my go to choice. I can cook a big batch to be eaten for the next 3 days

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