Banana Blueberry Walnut Bread!

I make a lot of fruity quick breads; still, I was trying to find something breakfasty on Pinterest and came across this beauty, and was inspired to get to baking. Husband and I just tested out the bike I got at a local flea market, and I was the good kind of tired that makes you want to eat something with great gusto but eat, you know, something sorta good for you.

When I surveyed my ingredients, I had two bananas thawing from being frozen (it’s my last ditch effort to save them if they are about to go bad and I don’t want to just eat them), 1 fresh banana and a bag of dried blueberries. I first put a bit of butter on the walnuts and put them into the oven to roast up – I just like fruit-and-nut bread better when the nuts are roasted. Then I prepared the bread, realizing in the middle that I did not have the egg I needed – so in went a small tub of applesauce. In my opinion, applesauce works for consistency of the bread once it’s cool but it binds less well than egg overall and thus results in an intensely crumbly bread when it first comes out. If you have more patience then me, applesauce is a great addition, but I want a slice of the deliciousness as soon as it is cool enough to touch, so I was eating it with a fork.

Husband and I both agreed that its hard to beat bread with so many fruits and nuts in it, and the quantities of flour and sugar were really quite modest; much of the sweetness and substance of the loaf comes from the fruit itself. The blueberries were what really made it, though – I only really associate blueberries with muffins and bagels, but in this loaf form, they provided a good counterbalancing tang to the sweet bread and the savory walnuts. 10/10, would eat whole loaf if I could, but instead eat one piece each morning with my coffee. 🙂


12 comments on “Banana Blueberry Walnut Bread!

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    What a combination!

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  2. sudustories says:

    Definitely gonna try this one out .thanks for sharing

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  3. frankiecookes says:

    This sounds like a great twist on a classic! Thanks for inspiring me!

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  4. I will make this. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Awesome. Love baking fruity breads. This one will for sure go on the list as well. Yummyness


  6. Hi. New to WordPress and was looking for your contact info but couldn’t find it. I have a few posts under the “cooking” category and would like to share them with you. Please let me know what you think: … I love that you are cooking with less sugar and making healthier dishes. We are trying to do the same. Great Blog!

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  7. Nice! I will try adding some blueberries to my banana bread too! Sounds delicious!

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  8. byemmarie says:

    Will definitely have to add this to my list of things to make!

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  9. poetangel1 says:

    Your recipe sounds delicious. However, I can’t have it because it is not gluten-free. But I would like to tell you to check out a gluten-free banana bread recipe I have tried, from my favorite vegetarian site at http:// Even though, I am not a vegetarian, lol. It was really yummy. The banana bread I made had walnuts in it, but didn’t have blue-berries in it though.

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  10. […] via Banana Blueberry Walnut Bread! — Recipe in a Bottle […]

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  11. callmetrav says:

    This recipe sounds delicious. I’m gonna try it this weekend.


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