A Note About WordAds and ads on blogs

I wanted to address a blogging issue that might come up for some of you – the possibility that ads will show up in a blog. The way that WordPress.com works, with my membership here, means that I cannot control whether ads show up. If you’ve seen ads on my blog for the past 10 months, it was beyond my choice.

Just recently, however, I was offered a small share of that revenue generated by ads, through the WordAds program. I don’t anticipate making much money because this blog still has a small readership, but I would ask something: when you are reading personal blogs that have ads, especially food blogs that are nicer than mine and have better photos and recipe cards and all of that, please don’t turn your ad-blocker on. This isn’t about me or my blog; it’s about the community of food bloggers.

It’s been an issue I’ve been reading about, and it seems that nearly 40% of ads gets blocked by ad blockers – obviously, I understand people not wanting to see ads, but they also often get to read many interesting things on the internet for free, things that would be less useful if no one was paid to write them. My blog is not among these: I write for fun, and I haven’t invested a lot of money into cameras and hosting and other costs of blogging. But for professional bloggers, watching those ads (or at least ignoring them without blocking them!) seems like a kind way to show your appreciation for the site, and that you want them to be able to continue doing it.

My thoughts on this subject are still developing, but you know already if you read this blog that I’m always thinking about how we form communities, usually around food and family and friends and recipes. I want to be the kind of blog reader that I would want reading my own blog, and I think that might mean (gulp) not running my ad blocker. Have you all seen other models of running a blog that allow us to support those whose work we appreciate, maybe without having to view ads? I hope that is the direction that blogs are headed, but I really don’t know; I just know that I want others to be able to turn their successful blogs into long-term, large-scale work for themselves and their readerships.

All that being said, if you notice something that isn’t functioning because of ads, or if you see an ad that offends you, let me know here in the comments – I want to make sure WordAds is working for my readers, as far as ads in a blog ever can work for readers.

28 comments on “A Note About WordAds and ads on blogs

  1. crazykatya says:

    Ooh, brave to address a topic as tricky as ads. I personally don’t mind ads if they relate to what I’m looking at – it’s the targeted ads that I can’t stand, the ones that fill in ads according to your site visits, etc. But as far as supporting a community, I think asking to turn off an ad blocker is a pretty reasonable request… but I’m not picking sides! To each their own… As far as being able to support people sans ads, the donation button is always an option (if there is one), but this is not really a sustainable source of income for bloggers trying to make a living. Like I said, tricky topic! Way to go for bringing it to attention, though.

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    • Definitely! And I want everyone to know, it has nothing to do with me: if you hate ads but want to read my blog, block away! Just learning about ads as a main revenue stream for other bloggers, though, has made me reconsider and feel obligated to deal with them; definitely just a personal choice!

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      • crazykatya says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Being aware of what’s going on around you is the first step, and you’re spreading the ad awareness! πŸ™‚


  2. Christopher says:

    Marvellous post. Sums up exactly how I feel.

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  3. thanks for your story..i agree with you also..

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  4. I like your point about ads, and I have hadi a few other blogs in the past.

    I have to use the free site, but I might be able to switch to either one of the paid plans on WordPress, or another blog.

    That is my two cents worth on the subject.

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  5. Frayed Laces Illinois says:

    Personally, I don’t mind the ads on wordpress at all. You haven’t seen ads until you’ve followed folks who have tumblr blogs.

    I just recently said g’bye to tumlr because, since being bought out by yahoo, the number of ads in my “read feed” have become so numerous that it’s beyond annoying. That, and the fact that a few of them have been totally inappropriate.

    Contacting the tumblr folks about the inappropriate ones has only gotten me sent a repy that they rely on ads to support the site & I guess if I don’t like the inappropriate ones, that’s tough. Well, I don’t need tumblr, they don’t need me, so I’ve stopped using tumblr.

    I did point out to the folks at tumblr that they could still make money but do their ads the way wordpress does. Personally, I don’t mind the way wordpress handles doing ads at. all. It would never stop me from reading someone’s blog.


  6. I can handle a few ads. Truth be told I never notice them and am happy to turn ad-blocker off if it helps someone earn a little cash. It is spam that really gets my goat.

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  7. tcriggs says:

    I just spent $$ to upgrade my WP account to remove ads, so I’m probably not a good, unbiased, advisor on this issue. I removed the ads because I felt 1) they cluttered my site, and 2) I had no control over what ads appeared (i.e. the local ads were for a candidate that I am not fond of…)

    Aside from that, I dislike the WP “business” model. For instance, if I upgrade to the very next level, I get ads back on my site, but I can make a small profit “if” those ads are clicked/viewed. (Not sure of the details). In my humble opinion, if I am paying WP money, then I should be getting promoted to other sites… not becoming a promoter of other products. It just seems odd, and counter-intuitive.

    I don’t know if you are paying for this option, or if it is offered once you achieve certain milestones… either way… it’s not for me. But then, a year from now (hey, this is work after all!) I may change my mind.

    One thing I will warn you, is that the more you upgrade, the more your site will be inundated with ads. So, make sure that you can control what ads appear and where in the posting…

    There are 2 sites that I removed from my follow list because they opted for the Ultimate Package. I can’t even search through the postings anymore because of pop-ups every time the page refreshes.

    I love your blog. So, I will suffer a few ads. Just please, keep it light! πŸ˜‰

    Best wishes in your new blogging direction! πŸ™‚

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    • Yeah, I draw the line at pop-ups too – if that happens on my page, please do let me know. That’s part of why I wanted to make a designated space where someone could tell me “this blog works, but you need to cut (this ad).”

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  8. Elizabeth says:

    Never even thought of starting a blog with ads. As soon as I saw the choice, I paid for the no add approach. I am intrigued by the whole discussion, but am glad I made the decision when I did.

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  9. gebbysmith says:

    Thanks for your insight and thanks for being one of the kindest folks I make contact with each day. Seriously!

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  10. Very true! Many blogs are like this, and I see this with the Let’s Play community as well. Quality posts and videos take time to craft, and some people do try to make a living from what they post. Others don’t but just ask for a few pennies to cover any kind of maintenance fees they might have (in my case, if I ever decided to do let’s plays, I’d eventually like the videos to support buying the games I’d play). I don’t think either request is unreasonable.

    And you have a great blog! I follow you on the Reader but can click over to your site if it helps you out!

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  11. Interesting point of view – and reminds me I need to pay to have ads taken off my blog. I wish WordPress offered more of a choice of what ads to show, so the ads would at least be somewhat relevant to the blog! I don’t mind a few ads, but I have unfollowed a few blogs because the ads were just too many and too distracting.

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  12. Great article! I am new to the Ad world too. I love what you said about community. Without it, we all rely on guide books and food magazines for ideas.


  13. moody7foodie says:

    Very interesting topic. I was thinking of upgrading my blog. I have hardly any followers but wanted to dive in more organized and customized look of having own website. I am not sure if ads will help my objective. what is better – to pay for a unique desired theme and make peace with the blog layout OR have a .com website version for the blog. Any advice will be appreciated.

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  14. You make some very good points here. I always try to click on one ad each time I read a post on my favourite full time blogger blogs. A lot of effort goes into running a blog and if I am entertained by someone’s blog or learning something from it, one click is little effort to say thanks.

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  15. I’ve been considering upgrading my wordpress account. Eventually, I’ll probably have to just to get more storage for pictures I have on my blog sometimes. At least you have given me more information so that I can make a more informed decision; for that, I thank you.


  16. Phil says:

    Well said. There is a world out there that expects “other people” to provide content to entertain it for free. The only viable business model is advertising but the same freeloaders then throw a tantrum if they spy an unobtrusive advert on the page.

    Block pop-ups, but for some of us, the adverts provide a tiny income that covers hosting costs. I’m certainly not becoming rich on mine!

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  17. I hadn’t thought about any of this and I appreciate your reflection. I am fairly new to blogging and I have been surprised by the people I have met all around the world. It is an amazing possibility of connection.
    Thanks for choosing to visit my blog. I am traveling around your site and enjoying it very much. I will be following you.

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  18. Food for thought, well fitting for this blog.

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  19. ginasgfreevegankitchen says:

    I agree with you.

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  20. Christina Nifong says:

    Here is an interesting read on this topic by one of my favorite bloggers. Enjoy!


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  21. disperser says:

    I pay to remove ads specifically because I cannot control the ads that show up . . . but also because I dislike ads. Being so biased, I can’t give advice, but this article (from someone I follow) might help:


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  22. Dwordslayer says:

    Okay, I get you on this…. my adblocker will be turned off, because I appreciate the folks I read and exchange with. The ads don’t get me crazy, its just the nudity and ‘sex for sale’ stuff . Thanks for being bold enough to talk on this!

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  23. Definitely a brace one. I feel like most bloggers have them but just chose not to really acknowledge them with the audience. I know I have them for the little bit of revenue and that’s it.

    Love this post πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

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  24. mohamadkarbi says:

    i’m one of a lot who don’t like adblock’s and never used it! i wont’ use it too

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  25. rismaamelita says:

    Great article, reading this guiding me closer to (my own) opinion about how waste the internet really is.

    Some of doesn’t even realize that accessing the internet alone require some money for connection, creating content will double the expense not to mention with the effort of content creation (informations, images, and videos), and if we want to upgrade and try to monetize our hard work (contents) just to get the feeling that all is worthed the hard works, then it will triple the expense.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been thinking about this in this past few months. I should make a desicion to change to a more useful activity, and it sure is an offline activity.

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