Beautiful Food: Frying Shredded Chicken


A key ingredient in so many of our dishes, torn-apart pieces of chicken sizzling with olive oil and spices were the key ingredient in today’s Beautiful Food: Chicken Pot Pie and also in so many other dishes. I never let it last this long, but it’s a great thing to keep in you freezer for faster meal prep!


3 comments on “Beautiful Food: Frying Shredded Chicken

  1. Zara says:

    Hmmm chicken 🍗
    So versatile so yum
    Great pic – want some! 😋

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  2. Mel & Suan says:

    Its a good idea to freeze it for later use. We normally cannot cook from scratch in the weekdays by the time we return from work. So this would be really useful a tip!

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  3. Taureenia says:

    Looks delicious !!

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