Memories with Food: Fancy Wine and Cheese Party


I’m nervous, because I haven’t “thrown a party” in the States ever, because I’ve never had my new graduate school friends over to my apartment… I’ve never even had an apartment to myself before! So many firsts happened, when I got fancy cheese (I see manchego in the picture – a hold-over from Spain, where I had lived until 3 months before this party… I think I remember always worrying that people thought I was boring when I talked about it, because I was always thinking about it in those months). People had fun at the party though – my good friend E first really hung out with the boy who would become her long time love (they’re still together, nearly 4 years after that party!), I met people I still like and respect now, and we enjoyed sitting in the hammock on my tiny, rickety balcony. I cannot say I miss that time, with all the vulnerability and new-ness of life in the States again, but I can say I’m proud of my past, brave self!


6 comments on “Memories with Food: Fancy Wine and Cheese Party

  1. What cheese did you eat and what wine did you drink?

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    You reminded me of my first dinner party in Cambridge: veal parmigiana. Before I knew about veal!

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  3. Jon says:

    Those cheese & cracker presentations were just AWESOME

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  5. Be you and everyone will feel your love and joy. You are an original and let your light so shine.

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  6. You and these food memories! They keep digging into my food memories!


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