The Refreshment of Gratitude


Last Friday, Husband and I helped out with a friend’s pop-up fundraiser; he’s hoping to open his own business and he turned a cool loft space into a real party atmosphere, complete with band. Husband and I were mostly there to be at the party, but we volunteered for one chore: helping to wash out glasses after people finished their drinks. We ran into the back, scrubbed up the glasses, and got them ready to be used again. It was a nice break from socializing with a bunch of people we didn’t know well, but it was also so nice to see R’s face when the whole place was packed and people were enjoying the atmosphere so much.

I remember thinking that rather than being tired, I was enlivened: so energized by the feeling of gratitude we got from having friends like this, from knowing a few folks in town and feeling included. This is how I feel this Thanksgiving: like my gratitude to the world, to friends and family and the school that employs me, propels me forward and keeps me grounded. Gratitude reminds me that everyday problems are solveable, and that by almost any comparison I care to come up with, I have so much more love in my life than I could imagine.

The propelling makes me want others to share the riches of having a growing community, of knowing others deeply and connecting in spite of differences. I am not outgoing every day of the week… or even any day, if it gets bad. I think that so much of what our nation and our world need are people finding ways to connect to each other, finding the common ground they have or, failing that, building some common ground through sharing activities, experiences, and food. A lot of people are getting together with family today who don’t agree with them on much, but hopefully they can agree on the deliciousness of cranberry relish and the satisfaction of a tummy full of turkey. I hope that ground can build some gratitude in a year when we all haven’t been behaving that well; that gratitude can carry us, I hope, into 2017.

4 comments on “The Refreshment of Gratitude

  1. oceangirl63 says:

    Lovely post. Thank you for reminding us of the little things that are so important x

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  2. Gratitude is such a powerful force in the world – beautiful post ❤️️

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  3. I love how you said something about not being very outgoing. I can relate. I love going out, but not being outgoing. I’ve found that food has always been the best way to get people talking. At least food and eating is something that every one of us will have in common. I hope we’ll find ourselves creating more community in the next year. I’ll do what I should do for that community to start with me.


  4. bluebrightly says:

    Wonderfully put – all of it. Especially the notion of gratitude propelling one forward and keeping one grounded.

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