Gingersnap Recipe


Husband loves crispy, spicy gingersnaps – the thinner and snappier the better. I wanted to make them for him, so I added it to my pre-thanksgiving baking list, but as I was being overwhelmed with Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins and having to get finished quickly before the trip, I ended up making another version of soft gingerbread cookies. What gives me hope is that the thinnest cookies were indeed quite crisp and delicious, and the thick ones were still yummy, just not snaps. I’d recommend experimenting with gingersnap recipes to find the consistency you like!

5 comments on “Gingersnap Recipe

  1. Fiola says:

    They look delish! Gingersnap cookies are one of my favorites, especially around the holidays!

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  2. Would love the recipe for these – my husband loves ginger anything and these look awesome

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  3. I added a pinch nutmeg just to make them more… wintery and it worked well with the rest.

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  4. Paula says:

    I didn’t realize how much I love gingersnaps til recently! These look delicious!

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  5. Funny how I stumbled upon this. I’ve been craving a really good ginger snap cookie for so long now. Definitely going to give this a try

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