Food Memory: Quiet Time at Soup-remacy


Conferences inspire a somewhat-unnatural efficiency in me – I want to see as much as possible, with the time spent in only the most useful ways. I’m the opposite of a smell-the-roses  gal when I’m also trying to learn for graduate school or work. One time, though, in Indianapolis, I happened to be headed back to the hotel for a lunch break, thinking I’d probably eat a protein bar and catch up on email, when I saw Soupremacy. It was a long narrow restaurant, and sure enough, it mostly sold soup. The lunch special was 3 small bowls of soup, you pick, with a hunk of bread big enough to dip in them all. I got a potato bacon soup, a tomato bisque, and a curried squash soup, all of which brought the warmth back into me. I know it’s technically possible to snarf soup down quickly, but the hot creamy soups at Soupremacy beckoned me to slow down, or risk spilling all over my business casual clothes. Soup is nice like that – I felt less lonely despite slowing and hearing my own thoughts as I looked out on the busy street.

5 comments on “Food Memory: Quiet Time at Soup-remacy

  1. It is a lovely idea – 3 little taster bowls of soup. And I can imagine it was a comforting quiet meal in a busy day. Attending conferences, if one is alone in an unfamiliar city, can be a lonely experience. Tiring too – I expect the soups were welcome.

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  2. I love soup and this deal sounds like a beer or wine tasting, but with soup! A flight of soups! Brilliant! I will have to look for this place when I travel for work. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I love soup! It’s so good! My all-time comfort food!

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  4. Noelle says:

    Where is Soupremacy? I like the samples of soup – looks delicious 🙂

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  5. What a great restaurant/lunch idea! Do you think it’s a chain? I live in Los Angeles and would love to try 🙂


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