Food Memory: The Best Salad Ever


I have tried, extensively, to love salad – it’s good for you and it should just be naturally desired by our bodies, right? No dice for me. Salad is still something I shovel into my mouth to get to whetever else is coming, but occasionally, I find a salad that truly dazzles me. This salad had chicken and champagne vinagrette and ripe tomatoes and chunks of avocado and goat cheese – many things that made the salad less purely good for me, but in this compromise lay the desire that I wanted. If I want to be able to eat a hunk of garlic-and-herb cheese, it’s good that it comes paired with a bunch of mostly-low-flavor greens. This salad reminded me that I can add excitement to the everyday by pairing healthy and mundane things with the things that spark joy in me. I don’t have to love salads to love that.


13 comments on “Food Memory: The Best Salad Ever

  1. gebbysmith says:

    That looks delicious. What about the bread? It looks fabulous!

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  2. angyjenks says:

    You have my mouth watering..

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    That looks fabulous!

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  4. calypte says:

    A good, tasty salad recipe is worth its weight in gold!

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  5. It definitely looks lovely! Salad can be good, but it does matter what toppings you put on it to make it fit your taste buds!

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  6. That looks sooooo delicious đŸ™‚

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  7. These ingredients are a great combination.

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  8. prior.. says:


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  9. prior.. says:

    Looks really great and thx for sharing


  10. V.M.Sang says:

    Now that’s a salad I could eat with pleasure.

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  11. When I make salads they always tend to have some kind of fruit, nut and cheese in them because I love it when a salad taste like a party in your mouth!

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  12. labeak52 says:

    Thanks for following Shelton College Quarterly.”

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  13. Lucky for me I love salads! If you like a bacon, lettuce and tomato salad, try this one.

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