Food Memory: Best Barbecue – Worth Waiting in Line!


In Asheville, NC, there is a barbecue joint open only for lunch, where you order at the counter and seat yourself, serve your own sauce, and everything they make is heavenly. The pulled pork sandwich here pictured is slathered with a blueberry chipotle sauce – equal parts fiery and sweet – and the sweet potatoes and mild mac and cheese even it out in a soul-food trifecta. I visited with Husband and stood in a long line for this food, and learned that every bite tastes like triumph once you get to the front of the line. It makes me think of how restaurants that truly hit on a unique recipe for success can make a few different choices – they can brand and expand, which results in a lot of joy, or they can double-down on the small-time successes and limit their offerings. While this restaurant could definitely franchise out and be successful, and it could open for dinner and weekends, they create a scarcity that prompts travellers to stop and marvel because they chose to stick with making the best food possible and not sending it out all over. It’s locally-chosen, locally-designed food at it’s finest. 


9 comments on “Food Memory: Best Barbecue – Worth Waiting in Line!

  1. Which restaurant did you visit?

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  2. Peter S says:

    North Carolina barbecue is the best, I like the vinegar base sauce rather than tomato.

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  3. […] via Food Memory: Best Barbecue – Worth Waiting in Line! — Recipe in a Bottle […]

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  4. God this place looks to die for!

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  5. Wow, that looks delicious! I’m not a big fan of barbecue but have been craving a pulled pork sandwich more often lately lol.

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  6. jr cline says:

    Dreamland was once like this. Ribs and white bread, one location and a line out the door. Now the are several location with a bigger menu and the food isn’t as tasty.

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  7. magicmindz says:

    Loved your blog and so many mouth-watering recipes. Thought of nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award (It’s my latest blog post). Please do pass it on if you do not mind.

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  8. rreimund says:

    If you are ever in Austin, TX and you like standing in line for excellent barbeque. I recommend Franklins.

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  9. I love North Carolina BBQ. Once spent almost a week driving across the state eating only BBQ. Literally. I’m also curious to find out which spot this is.

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