36. L and G’s Ham and Cheese Sliders

One of the most peaceful things I’ve been doing lately is spending time with friends’ children. Granted, there are bouts of intense wailing and raw need, but when these babies are asleep (which they are, frequently, if not for long enough for their parents to sleep) they really are incredibly calming, all folds and softness and vulnerability. In many social situations, I usually bring crocheting to work on as my friends and I talk for hours, but holding a sleepy little one has become my default as I sit on a comfy couch and unconsciously sway back and forth.

L and G are family friends of Husbands’ (they have a lot of them!) who live on a lake and own a boat. Some of my favorite memories from the summer of 2014 are swimming in the lake, sunning on the boat, and playing darts in their garage. That memory of ease and summer relaxation seems connected to this simple but flavorful tiny-sandwiches recipe.

I had been saving the recipe for these sliders for an outdoor picnic or some other context that needed many tiny sandwiches, but quick hot sandwiches turned out to be perfect while everyone passed the sleepy baby around – I used turkey rather than ham and cut out the mustard, but they turned out browned, savory, and perfect. More an assembly than a real, scary-consequences cooking job, this kind of recipe is perfect for someone who wants to up their sandwich game but isn’t quite trying chicken cordon bleu any time soon. Also, anything I can eat one handed while my other arm falls asleep under a cute baby’s soft head is a winner in my book.IMG_3981

Ham and Cheese Sliders

24 mini sandwich Hawaiian rolls

1 lb ham sliced

1 lb swiss cheese sliced

¾ c melted butter

1 ½ tbsp. dijon mustard

1 ½ tsp worchestershire sauce

1 ½ tbsp poppyseeds

1 tbsp dried minced onion

Mix and pour over sandwiches. Build sandwiches first, and then bake uncovered for 20-25 min.

One comment on “36. L and G’s Ham and Cheese Sliders

  1. badparentingweb says:

    Hot damn! These sound amazing. Much more sophisticated than ham, cheese, and bread that I was expecting from this post. Seeing as I have leftover ham, I’ll have to give these a shot this weekend. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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