Food Memory: Queso for Breakfast in Texas


I sometimes think about the composite parts of things we think are appropriate for breakfast – starches in toast, cheese in omelettes, sugar in muffins. For some reason, cupcakes aren’t breakfast and pizza isn’t breakfast, but their parts reconstituted make some timeless breakfast foods. Such was my thought process when, at a brunch place in Texas, I was told I could have tortilla chips and spicy queso for breakfast. I dove right in – queso is one of my favorite foods, if it counts as a food and not a condiment. The crunch of chips, creaminess of the cheese, and spicy kick of the melted-in peppers makes for my favorite combination. For something this delicious, I’ll buck tradition any day, and if the Texans say I can… more’s the better!

3 comments on “Food Memory: Queso for Breakfast in Texas

  1. Queso for breakfast. Queso for lunch. Queso for ALL!

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  2. Since Texas is my home state…I see absolutely nothing wrong with queso and chips for breakfast! Add a tamale! So good!

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  3. rreimund says:

    Queso and chips for breakfast, Yum! Don’t forget about the song with the words “Cold pizza for breakfast” Enjoy!

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