Food Memory: Sparkling Apple Cider


My family are not big partiers, and they don’t need a lot to keep them entertained. I have great memories of how we all often stayed up till midnight when growing up to watch music and fireworks and the Times Square ball drop on the television. Since my parents don’t drink, we would pour sparkling apple cider into fancy cups and cheers each other about each new year. These memories, simple and comfortable and without any need to impress anyone, created the level of love that I have for the holiday of new beginnings – there’s something undeniably hopeful about New Year’s Eve, when we are trying to be better than we were the past year, even if we hate resolutions. It’s worth a sparkly drink to mark the occasion.

6 comments on “Food Memory: Sparkling Apple Cider

  1. shiftinbeauty says:


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  2. nancyruth says:

    Happy New Year to you too.

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  3. Yan Man says:

    Every family in her own way, and I respect that!!! 🙂 And a happy new year.

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  4. Dreamdestiny says:

    cheers . Happy New year dear

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  5. Cheers! Happy New Year!

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  6. Hazzieandsof says:

    Happy New Year! Food memories are always the strongest for me at this time of year.

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