Chicken Soup for the Whole30 Soul

On Friday, we did our first hosting of the Whole30 month – simple hosting, but still! We had a couple over, E and J, who have been friends with us for almost a year and a half now – it’s crazy to think that we now have such good friends here. They were the couple who let us in their door when their baby was 8 Hours Old to deliver a casserole. Their little sweetie is almost 10 months now, and for the first time, they got a babysitter to watch him while they came over for dinner and a movie!

Dinner was simple: we made this chicken soup recipe, because the weather had once again turned cold, and we made baked potatoes which we garnished with salsa and the guacamole that J made. The chicken soup was savory but light on flavor, made with rotisserie chicken bits and chicken bone broth I made a few days ago, but the baked potatoes added a little spice to our lives. It was a lovely night, and we watched Finding Dory, which turned out to be cute and funny and exactly what we all needed after a long week.

I was in a tizzy right before they arrived, worried that I didn’t have time to pick up a movie and cook the celery, carrots, and onion for the soup, but as Husband continually tried to calm me and clean at the same time, everything came together about 5 minutes before they arrived. I was able to see my friends and be excited to spend time with them, which is a blessing – I’ve been in a 2-month-long rut of not inviting people over to our home, and it’s time for me to bust out of that feeling. It was delightful to have them, and even the 90-minute rush to get things ready was worth it in the end. I’ve convinced Husband though, that if we are going to have people over on work nights, we need to do a little cleaning prep the night before. 🙂

One comment on “Chicken Soup for the Whole30 Soul

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Probably if they have an infant, your house looked very tidy!

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