58. J’s Falafel “meatballs”

J is a friend of a friend, N, who was my co-hostess for the meatball party. J immediately made me happy when I met him (in a donut store, of all places) because he studies math and is easy-going, which are two things that would immediately endear him to Husband. Husband tries hard to be friends with all the English majors I associate with, but he’s got less in common with them. J helped with that, and I was so glad he could come to the party.

J recently bought a deep fryer (!!! how awesome is that??) and so he undertook this recipe for falafel, which turned out brilliantly and was accompanied by a great tahini sauce. It took me back to my most vivid memory of falafel, namely when I was visiting London for the first time. I had spent the entire day roaming the city (very easy t0 do for days on end in London) and had gotten over to the Brick Lane neighborhood. It was full of street markets, graffiti, art, and just general hubbub; I stopped at a falafel stand and got a pita full of warm falafel and lettuce and sauce and it was delicious in that I’ve-walked-10-miles-today-feed-me kind of way; falafel has a simple flavor to me but not a boring one. Every crispy bite of J’s falafel at the party this past weekend was a nice callback to that day of looking at crazy art and trying to find souvenirs that in some way reminded me of the place. In the end, I find that memories of food tend to be my biggest souvenirs from places like London: a brunch burger I ate with an over-easy egg on it, a cup of spiced cider on the banks of the Thames, even a piece of toast, eaten while looking out a window at King’s Cross and miles and miles of houses.

So thanks, J; your falafel clearly carried me away!


One comment on “58. J’s Falafel “meatballs”

  1. memadtwo says:

    Sounds delicious. I love falafel and we have a few good places here in my town. N.

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