Match Made Coffee 1 – Guatemala Antigua

img_5133Husband and I made our first cups of San Diego Coffee Company brew on Sunday morning, during the two hours we often spend before going to church, usually reading and cooking bacon and using our pour-over cups instead of the more typical french press.

What struck us immediately was that the Guatemala Antigua blend was smooth – coffee of many kinds can have a bitter undertone and this one was completely without bitterness. It didn’t have the intense fruity or floral tones that often characterize micro-roasts, but instead felt like the best possible cup of ordinary coffee. It was the micro-roast for everyone who ever was satisfied with a cup of regular, workplace-coffee-pot coffee; it’s tastier, but not weirder, per se.

Some blends of coffee just make me jittery, perhaps due to large quantities consumed or due to untold high quantities of caffeine per bean. This one made me alert – ready to start the day and excited to see friends at church but not odd and out-of-body. We poured more hot water through the pour-over to make two cups to take with us to church, actually, and enjoyed it just as much as it cooled while we listened to the service.

I can definitely recommend Guatemala Antigua here in our household, and that it goes well with Whole30 bacon and a tangerine; in the next few days, I’ll be transitioning out of Whole30 because we just had our last day (!!!), and I’ll do a yummy taste test of the sweet treats that came packaged with our coffees.

To check out Match Made Coffee for yourself, go to; they are currently offering a special Valentine’s themed box as the first box of a subscription: use the code VDAY17 to have your first box look like this:

6 comments on “Match Made Coffee 1 – Guatemala Antigua

  1. annjekins says:

    I love the smell of coffee brewing.. 😊


  2. Alex Moen says:

    Yeah, the pour-over method is really good for the more intensely flavored coffees too, if you just want to pick out the flavors and not have to worry about loading it with cream or sugar and all of that stuff.


  3. I love coffee! Sounds amazing!


  4. sudustories says:

    I’m an addict!!! Of Coffee of course😊. My mug is a big one and I do fill it full whenever I can.Brother in law do get wonderful coffee from his neighbour who s doin research on coffee☺. This sound delicious too, you should try the Indian filtered coffee its a Stunner😋


  5. Jamie says:

    I’m a big coffee lover!! Guatemala Antigua sounds delicious since I’m not a big fan of fruity, floral flavor of coffee 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  6. areadingcat says:

    oh, coffee! I’m in love! sounds like a great idea; will have to try!
    would you check my new Valentine’s Day recipes? 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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