59. C’s Turkey Meatball Bombs

C is an improvization artist, which is a quality I recognize in myself as well. We language-studiers tend to have to be, because when you are trying to express something that hasn’t been expressed before, you’ve got to improvise. C took a recipe for Meatball Bombs, a recipe for Crockpot Turkey Meatballs, improvised which ingredients she had and substituted things that she thought would work well, and created the delicious teeny-tiny-meat-pies that we ate at the meatball party.

A hostess always worries about balance at a dinner party, and I worried that a party with meatballs (even meatless meatballs) as the focal point might be way too heavy. I put out some tiny slider buns so that people would be able to add a little starch to all that protein, but I was relieved when C walked in with meatball bombs because they built the starch into the meatball. They were savory and the pastry was rich enough that they didn’t need to be dripping in sauce to taste good. While I loved all the meatballs (they are all my favorite child), this meatball clearly won my favorite format for a meatball.

I was also impressed that it was a turkey meatball, because I haven’t used turkey as a substitute for beef in many contexts (I’ve never had a turkey burger, for instance) and I was very happy with the richness of it – a dry slice of turkey breast on thanksgiving is definitely not the only format for the good ol’ bird. I want to experiment with turkey as a replacement for some beef because it seems leaner and it gives me an option when beef isn’t on sale but I don’t feel like chicken yet again.

I know I’ve posted a lot about meatballs, but I promise, I’m almost through the party recipes. They were all so good that I want to share them both so I can try them myself and to let you all experience the breadth of meatball goodness at this party. 🙂

2 comments on “59. C’s Turkey Meatball Bombs

  1. Elizabeth says:

    For just a second I panicked that the recipe wasn’t here but then I saw it!

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  2. annjekins says:

    I use to dislike turkey 🦃 burgers 🍔 until I learn how to season that.. I think there good now..

    Liked by 1 person

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