Quinoa Salad – a Post-Whole30 luxury!

IMG_4521Today, I am making quinoa salad for the first time in a long time; it qualifies, in my mind, as a very healthy food, but it was forbidden based on the no-legumes-or-grains part of the Whole30 experience. My favorite part of it is the fact that, as a person who doesn’t crave meat with every meal, it’s a way to keep getting protein and keep myself full for many hours while still eating something “lighter” than a serving of meat.

Here’s my approach, which stays new to me because I vary up the different ingredients:

  • Start the quinoa: I make about a cup of quinoa at a time unless I’m entertaining other people, because it’s fast and easy to make.
  • Pick the veggies: My favorites, in no particular order are: chopped cucumber, diced tomatoes, cooked spinach, chopped bell peppers, or cooked cubes of squash or zucchini. Husband likes it with broccoli, but that kinda ruins it for me… I cannot help it! Broccoli isn’t my veggie, it seems.
  • Pick the spicing: with tomatoes, I always add basil; with most veggies, I always give a dusting of garlic, pepper, and salt. Lately, I’ve been really entranced by chipotle seasoning, so that gets thrown on anything when I’m feeling like I need a good kick from the salad.
  • Add the garnishes: To add crunch, a few toasted pecans or walnuts are wonderful. I like crumbled goat cheese or feta (don’t overdo it with the salt if you add these though; they seem to add saltiness on their own) to make the salad a little creamy, and if you have enough veggies relative to the quinoa, you can dress it with your favorite ranch or balsamic vinaigrette, though that can be weird if there’s mostly quinoa and not so much on the veggies.

Regardless, this salad is delicious warm when you first make it, and then can either be eaten hot or cold later as a lunch at work. I’m hoping to create one that I enjoy for breakfasts now that I’m trying to not make all my breakfasts pastry-centric (it’s a problem!). It’s not Whole30, but it definitely makes me feel ready to face the day.

6 comments on “Quinoa Salad – a Post-Whole30 luxury!

  1. Maria Appleby says:

    I have never tried Quinoa. This salad sure makes it look enticing!

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  2. tcriggs says:

    I just went and got quinoa to make this weekend! I burned myself out on it last year… lol. It’s finally time again.

    I ‘toast’ it in olive oil and crushed garlic before adding the water or broth. Have you tried that method?

    Looks good! Yum! Can’t wait til tomorrow . 🙂


  3. Mix the leftover salad with egg and bake it in a muffin tin, it’s delicious!


  4. Mel & Suan says:

    Super Food!! We cook (boil) the Quinoa and leave it as a sort of “rice” on the side. But will try this out too!


  5. Sounds delightful. I may try this next week as becoming more prone to NOT eating meat. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Sounds delightful. I may try this next week as I’m becoming more prone to NOT eating meat. Thanks for sharing.


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