63. A’s Hearty Chili

A gave me this recipe as part of her wedding gift, which was a recipe book with pages to add all sorts of recipes to it – one of my goals, though not one I’ve been able to complete yet, is to put all the recipes I love onto the extra cards and fill up the book so I have it handy in the kitchen. A is Husband’s cousin, and she represents so much of what I love about his family: she’s a free spirit with an amazing sense of humor who is constantly going on adventures. She travels frequently and whenever I see her I get the biggest hug. Her sense of style is on point but also not like anyone else – she’s one of the most confident people I’ve ever met.

Her chili recipe was exactly what I needed the week before our trip – I needed something hearty and healthy, so I cut up a gazillion veggies for this dish as I listened to a podcast on the benefits of a plant based diet. Granted, I also threw the ground beef in there, but percentage wise, it was a very plant based dish. After two hours of cooking, it was one of the best entrees I’ve made – rich and flavorful but with most of the flavor coming from the veggies and spices and slow cooking, not from a bunch of butter and oil, which tends to be my go-to.

It took all week to finish the big pot, but unlike with most leftovers, I was happy to keep noshing on it throughout the week, happy that when I only had 20 minutes for lunch between engagements I could slip into the house, heat up a bowl, and feel warmed and fed. Good recipes seem to do that, though I’ll caution: this recipe is not for someone who wants the exact same results each time; there are almost no measurements, and while she uses bacon and steak, I used ground beef.




5 comments on “63. A’s Hearty Chili

  1. Fiola says:

    Love chili and cornbread on a cold winter day! Looks delish!

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  2. Yummy. Perfect dish for this weather. Coffee is an interesting twist.

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  3. Chili has always been my go-to dish when raising kids. I will have to try coffee…I’ve heard of some recipes adding that ingredient. 🙂

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  4. My Father in law added coffee to his chili and it was always delicious!

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  5. I love how comforting and filling Chilli is. I make mine with beef and sometimes vegetarian. I find simple to make, satisfying meals my favourite to cook. I invite you to my “in the kitchen” section of my blog if you’d like to take a look. https://thebellwitchmanor.wordpress.com/

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