Simplifying the Wardrobe

I don’t really talk about clothing on this blog – not exactly connected to cooking! – but lately, I’ve been really experiencing a life change because of the 333 project, which I learned about from the Minimalism documentary on Netflix.

I have always been one of those girls who organizes closet and dresser and then, three days later, has mountains of clothes everywhere, nothing folded or put away. The principle of the 333 challenge is that by selecting a very specific, small amount of clothes and rotating them every week for 3 months, you keep your living space uncluttered, only wash the clothes you need, and always know that something you like is available to wear, cutting down on decision-making time.

Basically, I picked 33 “items,” deciding on tops and dresses and leggings and pants that could intermingle easily to make more than 7 outfits. I picked the things best for the weather this time of year, and put everything else I owned in another part of the house, boxed up. You have to be willing to wear essentially the same things every week for 12 weeks, but the benefits are insane!

I have been able to wake up 5 minutes later and with less stress about the idea of picking an outfit, which is wonderful before work. My floor is effortlessly clean, and since Husband is doing this too, we’ve cut down on laundry: before, we’d run 2-3 loads a weekend, partially because he couldn’t tell what needed washing and what really just needed to be picked up and hung on a hanger. Now we run one load of laundry, which is so much nicer and even a little more sustainable. I’m prepared for these clothes to wear out quicker than when I was rotating among a ton of things, but now that I know what things I really like, I think I’m more in a mindset to get things repaired so I can go on wearing the ones I like best.

In another two months, spring will be inching into my life again and so I’ll sub out this “wardrobe” for 7ish outfits worth of spring weather wear. It’ll be like getting an entirely new wardrobe! It’s not Steve Jobs style, where he always wore the same thing, but I kind of like that – only those closest to me will notice that I have only 7 outfits in rotation, and that’s fine with me! I’ll tell them how freeing, uncluttered, and environmentally-friendly these weeks have been.

18 comments on “Simplifying the Wardrobe

  1. I just read this and nearly yelled out loud “IT’S NOT JUST ME!!!!” I do the exact same thing. I come home from work and get changed out of my office clothes but because the things I wear in the evening (normally leggings and a long t-shirt dress type thing) have only been worn for a few hours, they get put to one side to be worn again. Except I tend to forget about them and end up with a mountain of clothes in a “worn but not dirty yet” pile. It drives my husband nuts!

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  2. knicmurray says:

    I do this when I travel on a smaller scale and now I need to incorporate it into real life!

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  3. Laura says:

    Congratulations, what a great accomplishment. I did something similar a couple of years ago, after years of hanging on to clothes that I just kept and wore that I really didn’t need or even like. I have finally narrowed my wardrobe to just a few outfits, life is simpler and much more sustainable.

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  4. nancyruth says:

    What a cool idea! I might try this … when it time for spring…maybe now!

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  5. Pinnatifid says:

    That’s a fabulous idea! I’m inspired!

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  6. I’m for anything that causes me to do less laundry! For the record, I think aprons are clothing 🙂

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  7. Billi-Jean says:

    I might have to give this a try!

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  8. Loved that documentary!! I’ve been simplifying my life for almost a year. Clothing was the first thing I worked on. It feels like I simply my wardrobe every few months. The clothes creep in!

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  9. Elizabeth says:

    One of my high school English teachers had two dresses, one black, one navy. That is all she ever wore. Very simple!

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  10. I started living like this when I was traveling a lot for work. I spent less money on clothes too.

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  11. Smitha V says:

    I started doing this since Jan 2017 and life’s become so much easier and less stress-full in the morning when one has to race against time.Also, it’s so much more economical.

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  12. LisaDay says:

    Ha! I think I can do one better. I don’t think I own 33 pieces of clothing. And only five pairs of footwear. Books on the other hand….Thank you for the follow.

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  13. foodieliza says:

    I love the idea, always wanted to try it, I guess it is time!

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  14. lghiggins says:

    I rotate through a small number of outfits. I found some really comfortable black pants and I have two pair of those and a pair of jeans with rotating shirts. It works for me but I have never been a fashionista. Less is more.

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  15. Yes, simplicity rules and often peace follows as priorities are set. Thanks.

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  16. Nelly says:

    I need to do this, I’m fed up of my spare room looking like we’ve been burgled! Heaps of discarded clothes on the spare bed … and the bathroom. I keep promising I will be tidier but maybe this is the way forward, especially as Spring has truly sprung now in Cyprus 😊

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  17. The benefits of to living intentionally with less stuff.

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