6 Recent Kitchen Staples

I haven’t been very innovative in my cooking lately, but these 6 things get me through the busy weeks with my sanity intact. What 6 things make your kitchen function?

  1. frozen chicken breasts – It’s simple, no-bone meat, but it tastes good quickly or in a crockpot recipe, which saves me when there’s no time to develop something or choose a meat with finicky needs for cooking.
  2. canned tomatoes – I love the bounty of fresh summer tomatoes, but in the winter, I just have to stock more cans of tomatoes and tomato paste than I expect to need, because making up a pasta sauce or a curry is a fast way to add a lot of veggies, warmth, and spice into my life.
  3. Cut cucumbers, celery, carrots, and peppers – The amount of good veggies I eat is pretty much proportional to how many I have on hand, washed, and cut. This means taking some time at the beginning of the week to get them into shape, but it definitely pays off when the veggies are handy at the vulnerable, late-afternoon moments when I’m trying to decide whether to get fast food or wait for dinner.
  4. Sparkling water – I never thought I’d be a flavored sparkling water fan, but I really like it – it’s not sweet, and doesn’t even have artificial sweetness, but it is just different enough from drinking plain water to feel special. I’ve substituted it for most of my idle wine, soda, and juice consumption, saving those three for special occasions instead.
  5. Whole bean coffee – It just goes without saying that having a tasty hot beverage at the ready is important, but Husband has convinced me that it’s worth the minutes of grinding the beans to have a cup of coffee that just explodes with flavor.
  6. Kale – for kale chips! They crisp up so fast and I can eat a whole bundle of kale in a sitting this way, with little more than a dash of olive oil and salt to season it.

There are obviously many other things in my kitchen, but these are the basics on which all the others depend. What are yours?

16 comments on “6 Recent Kitchen Staples

  1. I never thought about the veggie prepping but it makes so much sense!

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  2. How do you make your kale chips? I’ve tried several times and they always end up ruined!


  3. veronika says:

    Ooh! I have a bag of kale in the fridge! Didn’t even think of chips. Thank you!

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  4. Homesteading101 says:

    You’re right, veggies need to be prepped! Good idea.

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  6. My basics: fruits, veggies, tofu, steelcut oats, nuts, grated cheese. I could probably survive on these for a week

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  7. Elizabeth says:

    Frozen fish fillets(not breaded or anything)from sustainable fisheries. Sold at Whole Foods among others. These thaw very quickly and make a last minute fish dinner possible without worrying about fresh fish spoiling before you get to it, which used to happen to me.

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  8. BoSanbo says:

    Hmmm, staples…

    I think a lot can start with onions and good salted butter, especially in winter!

    A grain – I rotate them to keep things interesting, but I like farro for its versatility.

    Good dried lentils, because they cook so fast.


    Nice seedy bread for toast. I eat a lot of toast!

    Sweet potatoes, because if I need to eat a quick and proper dinner I can just microwave one and add spices and butter.

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  9. Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes in the summertime so that if all else fails I can throw together a Caprese salad. Always have fresh berries too. In the winter, like you, have to stock tinned tomatoes in my pantry and a packet of spaghetti. Frozen blueberries for emergency smoothies and pancakes. And absolutely must have English Breakfast teabags because a nice cup of tea always makes me feel better. Great post, thank you.

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  10. Jessika says:

    I SO relate to number 3!!

    My must haves:

    Veg for my fave salad, which are on the vine tomatoes, orange & yellow peppers, cucumber, cilantro (aka coriander), avocado, red onion

    Unsweetened almond milk

    Frozen fruit and spinach for smoothies



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  11. V.M.Sang says:

    Good idea to prep the veggies beforehand.

    Kale chips? Never heard of them. Are they a US thing? I’ve some kale in my fridge. Chips would be a a change.

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  12. rreimund says:

    Eggs and onions! I can always whip a frittata with those and whatever else is left in the fridge. I can tell when I have had a busy month, when the peanut butter runs out. That always means a run to the store.

    I have been enjoying your blog. Thank you.

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  13. pauldelancey says:

    Costco chicken breasts are individually wrapped, so you don’t have to defrost more chicken breasts than you need. Also, they’re only chicken meat, no gristle, etc on them.

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  14. pauldelancey says:

    And my cuisinart.

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  15. Fun list! Mine: rice of all kinds (including black rice, also known as “Forbidden rice”), bread, nut butters, eggs, white wine, yogurt. Everything else (meats, fruits, veg) I buy as needed.

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