Strawberries and Cream (Cheese) Pancakes!

IMG_5143.JPGSaturday morning has been like the breath after a storm lately, the only time of the week when I don’t notice how long I am working on something, or how long I have to get up and get ready and go go go. This morning, I googled pancake recipes (I liked mine but didn’t love it, so I recommend just going with your favorite; I do recommend lots of vanilla extract and butterscotch flavoring if you have it!), heated frozen strawberries, and added dots of cream cheese to each warm pancake. I will say, I’ve been really impressed with “white whole wheat flour” (I have King Arthur brand, but I haven’t tried any others yet) – it makes the recipe a little grittier and darker than average whole wheat flour, but still works up with the consistency of white flour. It’s a good compromise, especially for Husband who does not deal with whole wheat well.

These pancakes, let me tell you. It wasn’t fancy, or beautiful (I attached a picture pretty much just to show how non-romantic my photos were) – I was honestly quite grouchy and unpleasant, and Husband did the thing where he went fairly quiet and fairly upbeat just to weather my mood. But man, the combination of sweet and tart fruit, wholesome pancakes, and just a rich morsel of cream cheese will melt even the most stubborn giant.

Pancakes, even when they are a little charred with the first batch as the pan gets going, are a little like love, which has on my mind with Valentine’s coming. It’s our second Valentine’s in marriage, and while I still feel like I’m learning constantly, I’m starting, very slowly, to see that this is what life is: messy, requires adjustment, but is so surprisingly sweet so often. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have him around me, to have him weather the days with me. I love that he delves into his food and grins and says “good pancakes, hon” and asks me what I want to do today. Messy, but unbelievably sweet.

10 comments on “Strawberries and Cream (Cheese) Pancakes!

  1. OK stomach is growling now, got to make breakfast 🙂

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  2. Wow those look amazing!!!

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  3. That looks amazing!

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  4. Oh man, I suck at making pancakes. For some reason I have just never bee good at making them, but I so want to try these!

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  5. Pancakes are a favorite here at my house. I like to use clarified butter to cook them in, then butter isn’t necessary at the table.
    My room mate likes them thin, not crepes, but thin pancakes. they turn out lacy.

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  6. itsmyhusbandandme says:

    If you made these for me on a Saturday morning I’d marry you. And I’m already married to another guy!

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  7. Nwendubrights says:

    That’s cool.

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  8. Looks yummy. I haven’t had pancakes in a long while, but this looks delish!

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