The Ultimate Decadence: Baked Brie Bites


One really decadent food kept coming to me while we were on Whole30 – I’m sure everyone while on this journey has something of the kind. I wanted baked brie: I wanted the flaky crust, toasted but still buttery, with the pooling, near-liquid cheese on the inside, with it’s characteristic sweet and strange tang. I knew this wasn’t something I wanted twice; I knew one time would be enough to put it to bed. As we were shopping for veggies at one point, I saw a prepared baked brie with a heart shape on top that you could take home and bake for valentine’s day – it was 15 dollars. It was in my mind this weekend as I shopped.

Instead of a 15 dollar perfect brie, Husband and I improvised: a small wedge of brie for 2.50 and a pie crust on sale for 50 cents. we cut pieces of crust, heated up the oven, and cut lumps of brie to wrap up in the crust. After this weekend, we’re returning to near-Whole30 for a lot of our meals, trying to jam-pack our lives with veggies and fruit, but this was our splurge (among a lot of others): these perfect little bites.

We tried them with three toppings: I put a tiny pat of almond butter on one, a smear of crystallized honey on another, and a dusting of rosemary and garlic on the last. I like savory, so that last one thrilled me, but the others were delightful too, and fully satisfied my craving. Sometimes that’s what you need – a long week and a long, lingering head cold left me there, feeling nothing but gratitude for cheese and crust, even as I know that I’m about to dive back in to the piles of celery and cucumber and bell peppers. I recommend wrapping bits of brie in pie crust any day you need this too!

7 comments on “The Ultimate Decadence: Baked Brie Bites

  1. Note to self: remember to eat breakfast before visiting storytellingcooks blog. I did this yesterday too!! I love brie, and these look delicious!!!

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  2. This sounds heavenly! Thanks for the idea, I will definitely try.

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  3. KR says:

    I love brie and baked cheese Thanx for remining:)

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  4. jr cline says:

    Cheese and crust is good. I love it too.

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  5. C.A. says:

    I love Brie. These look so good I wish I still ate dairy!

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  6. anyikui says:

    Love the simplicity of these! I can practically smell them…

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  7. shiftinbeauty says:

    My mouth watered

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