What homemade blankets mean as gifts (repost)

There is an author, Tamora Pierce, who created a young adults book series all about magic. One of the ways magic worked was that a character could weave the magic into a blanket or a quilt or a shawl, giving powers to whoever had it. It made for very imaginative writing.

I tend to think that a little bit of that magic exists in the real world with handmade gifts – I don’t make fancy blankets when I crochet, but they do require me to think through colors and styles, and keep the final product looking clean and tidy. When I was working on this blanket these past few weeks, I was thinking of M, and her new daughter G who is receiving it. G is so tiny and sleepy all the time at 6 weeks old, but M has taken to motherhood like she was born to it; the perfect mix of attentive and calm. I was thinking about how G will grow up in the same town as me, and maybe I’ll babysit her, or at least see her at the free concerts downtown each summer. All those thoughts for the future, and all my memories of M from the past, were on my mind as I made stitches.

When I visited M to deliver the present, she made a big deal out of it, even though as you can see, it’s pretty small and simple. She insisted that I take a big bag of basil, oregano, and jalapenos because she had more than she could use in her garden. We chatted about school and work and just the very existence of the blanket brought us a little closer. The same thing happens when you bring over food to a pair of new parents, or when you find a way to craft something for a birthday that leads to a lovely story. It’s intangible, but there’s a little magic in it.

7 comments on “What homemade blankets mean as gifts (repost)

  1. It feels great to receive a handmade gift. Doing such effort to a person means they’re special.

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  2. The gifts we treasure the most are the ones made by people because we know the love that went into making them.


  3. judy lawless says:

    I used to make most gifts, but sadly,in more recent years I find that many younger people don’t really appreciate them.

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  4. Congrats you’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! https://lexiejungling.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/blogger-recognition-award/

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  5. Jon says:

    Nothing more comforting than a blanket!


  6. I needed to see this today. We so often get bogged down in what we are doing that it’s easy to shrug off the time and thought we put into the gifts we make for others. I like to hope the items I knit, though appearing basic to seasoned crafters, mean something to the recipent. I want them to feel the love and kindness from my heart to theirs in the yarn items I choose to make just for that person. Thanks for sharing your post!

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