Preparing the Ground


We have talked and talked about how we’re going to make our garden bigger this year; even with all the missteps last year, we still yielded a lot of pounds of food and this year promises to be just as exciting. Yesterday was an unseasonably warm day, making it perfect for digging out some old grasses and bushes along our back fence line and preparing the ground for a new raised bed garden box.

We first had to root out as many of the persistent roots and grasses that we could find, and then we laid out large amounts of garden fabric and staked it down. The hope is that, even with this crazy warm weather we’re having, going ahead with this process will help keep the weeds down when we put the boxes in on top. It’s going to be long, perhaps 12 feet, and about 2 feet deep, so there’s going to be a ton of space for plants. It’s the most full-sun  box we have, so it’s going to get our squash plants, our tomatoes and peppers, as well as newcomer cucumbers.

I sometimes see metaphors for life in the gardening process, and one of the biggest ones is this idea of preparing the ground – our minds cannot change on a dime, and when we want better habits or stronger muscles or anything new, we have to start getting ourselves ready ahead of time. It’s not just the training for the race, but the recognition of what foods make us feel crummy when we run and which ones make us feel energized. Preparing the ground isn’t always possible; I’d say last year we pretty much leaped before we looked, but when life gives you the opportunity to really get ready for a new change, it’s wise not to bury your head and pretend the change isn’t coming. Things go so much better with prepared soil.


5 comments on “Preparing the Ground

  1. There really is nothing like working your own plot, getting you hands stuck into the soil. The sense of accomplishment I feel when I stand back from my freshly prepared soil is fantastic.

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  2. Sheree says:

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blog Award. Acceptance is optional, but if you want to accept, here’s all the info:-

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  3. You look all set to dig in. All the best with tilling and planting.

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  4. How long have you been using the garden weed-eliminating fabric? I have NEVER had any luck with this. It gets mangled, messy, and doesn’t really seem to serve its original purpose. I’ve written it off (as it’s also an added expense).
    Do you have any photos/videos of installing it? The concept seems wonderful, if I could get it to work!
    Thanks! ~ April

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  5. jr cline says:

    Some of my most bountiful harvest came from beds along fence rows. I kept them heavily mulched to go fight the weeds and retain moisture. Over a few years the mulching had created some mighty healthy soul. I am a firm believer in feeding the soul.

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